Australia has a total land area of over 7.6 million square kilometres, making it the sixth-largest country in the world. Canberra is the nation’s capital. Other major metropolitan areas are Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.  

Australia is home to over 26 million people of various ethnicities. Most of its population is concentrated in metropolitan areas throughout the east coast. As a highly developed country, it offers a high quality of living to all Australians. 

Housing costs in Australia are relatively high. Nevertheless, Australians have access to many housing options. With the high average wealth per adult and the presence of several grants for home builders, your dream home in Australia is within reach. 

What is more, Australia also has some of the best home design and visualisation experts, like Threesixtydegrees Australia. These companies offer multi-format visualisation, such as 3D renders and walkthroughs. These services are critical when choosing a home plan that is best for you for many reasons. Below are some of them.

It Saves Time and Money

3D renders are more accurate and visually stimulating representations of the actual structures. It allows the architects to identify design flaws early in the planning process before the first brick is laid. 

Visualisation tools also allow architects to run tests on many aspects of the construction. This includes the type of materials or finishes to be used. 

This type of insight helps you avoid the common pitfalls that come with a complex project like home building. You could gain a better idea of how the structure would look like and make the necessary adjustments when it matters most.

Working with experts like Threesixtydegrees Australia saves you a lot of time and money from fixing mistakes in the late stages of construction. 

It Leads to a Higher Success Rate for the Project

With all the kinks ironed out early in the design stages by 3D rendering, you can rest assured that the construction of your dream home will go as planned. Design and visualisation experts like Threesixtydegrees Australia can maximise your chances of seeing your project to completion and with the highest level of satisfaction. 

Homebuilding is a complex process with many moving parts that have to flow seamlessly. With 3D renders to guide electricians, plumbers, and all the other contractors, each task will be completed successfully and would all fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

It Offers a High Level of Flexibility

3D renders offer a more accurate and engaging way to view your dream home. Having this level of visualisation gives you the opportunity to get a better idea of what you want for your house. If you want to modify a few key features, your architect can incorporate them in real-time without having to scrap the existing ones. 

This much flexibility is hard to achieve using 2D platforms like blueprints. With 2D, you would have to scrap previous versions every time you need to change things. Modifying the plan could also take days. All these outcomes have cost implications that would add up to a significant amount.  

What takes days with 2D visualisation platforms would only take hours with 3D renders. The model can be modified easily without sacrificing previous drafts. It saves you a lot of time from going back and forth with your architect and designer as you make a few modifications.