Once you get your dream wedding outfit, the next thing on your wishlist is probably the most charming pair of shoes. Show-stopping heels with a classic silhouette and minimalistic edge make the best designer wedding shoes. Aesthetics matter in show shopping, but comfort is equally essential.

Luckily for the brides, if you can’t stand in high heels, you can buy flat sandals with luxe designs to say your vows in the trendiest way. And if you feel sceptical about buying the perfect shoes, here are a few things that will sort the matters for you.

Shop Early

Though there is no rule book to guide the wannabe brides, you should buy your wedding shoes as early as possible. It helps to break in the heels and get comfortable. If you buy them early, you can carry your shoes to dress fitting sessions and get the hem of your wedding outfit adjusted according to the heel.

Also, designer shoes are usually limited edition, so they may sell off before getting a hold of your favourite pair.

Practise walking in the shoes several times, so you can check if they cause any discomfort. If the shoes seem to be a bit tight, wear socks until they stretch out. Since new shoes can be slippery, you get time to avoid any red carpet mishaps by scuffing the bottom soles by buying them ahead of time.

Consider the Venue

It will help if you harmonise your designer wedding shoes with your venue. It may sound unusual, but it matters if you are having a beach wedding. Thin and high heels can cause discomfort in the sandy beaches or soil. For a garden wedding, you can choose flats because gardens may have uneven surfaces. Heels have a falling or tripping hazard on the potholes. Stilettos are best saved for indoor weddings.

Look at the Weather

Finding wedding shoes according to the weather is also essential. A wedding can cause enough cold feet. Thus, you can choose satin shoes with open mules for a summer wedding, and silk shoes with closed mules for winter weddings.

Pick the Right Material

The bridal shoes need sturdy materials to last a lifetime. The options include materials like suede, satin, leather, lace, and silk. For winter weddings, you can choose suede shoes. If you need flexible shoes, you can refrain from patent leather. You won’t get loose or narrow shoes in leather materials.

Heel Height and Type

There’s no steadfast rule, but you must consider heel height when buying wedding shoes. Avoid buying shoes with more than 3-4 cm platform or 12 cm heels. Higher heels may need you to remove the shoes by night. Also, choose medium or thick heels for long-term use.

On the safer side, carry an extra pair of shoes to keep you comfortable until the last dance. Having a backup will keep you light on your feet.

Lastly, choose your shoes in harmony with your groom’s height. With all these factors in mind, you can pick the best wedding shoes and look like a stylish, radiant bride.