Google docs have become the savior for many educational pursuers as it not only helps in writing and creating a piece of writing but helps us make a difference for good. It is a virtual notebook that is used for academic purposes, business purposes, and many other purposes.

The method to use the docs is very easy and it also offers many features that are just a conversation starter. The features are what have turned the software into a favorite one. However, one feature, that is on Google docs, how to delete a page is considered a tough one. In this article, we will discuss how to delete the extra pages so that you can finish your work perfectly.

What is google docs?

Google docs are software that enables a person to create a text, paragraphs. It has extended a hand to millions of people belonging from business, educational and other sectors so that they can use it according to their needs. It can be used to make a Curriculum vitae, letters, personal reports, research papers, content writings, and everything of that sort.

Apart from professional uses, it can be utilized to write short stories, novels, and poems, for personal use mainly.

It offers a varied range of features which makes it easy to use. Many people use it because of the availability of extensive featurettes and the comprehensibility of the application. The application is self-explanatory.

Apart from certain features like deleting the extra pages from the document, almost all part of editing is very is to do. Every option is at your disposal so that you can make changes according to your will, if you want a shortcut then all you have to do is choose a template and your task will be done.

7 Easy Ways To Delete Extra Pages On Google Docs
7 Easy Ways To Delete Extra Pages On Google Docs

What are the features available in google docs?

You will find widespread features available in the google docs. These features are divided into various sections, each section has subsections that are dedicated to each job.

The text:

  • The font: it has a variety of features such as ariel, caveat, times new roman, etc.
  • Style: this section has many styling formats underlined as title, heading 1, heading 2 so on.
  • Size: this section offers different sizes.
  • Text color
  • Highlight color
  • Clear formatting

Paragraph section:

  • It allows you to change the patterns of the bullets, change the alignments, and can help you change the spacing of each word according to your desire.
  • The fonts can be written in bold, italic, and underlined.
    You can change the print layout.
  • The docs have an inbuilt grammar suggestion section which allows you to check your grammatical errors
  • You can adjust the page set up meaning you can adjust the size of the page.
  • There is an ‘explore’ section that connects you with google so that google can show you certain snippets and meanings of words and topics in the content that you are writing.
  • You can share the writing by sharing the link of the document, you can export it via email, WhatsApp while choosing the format of the document according to your will.
  • You can even find and replace certain tidbits. Instead of going through the whole writing, you can search the words and replace them with the words you want.

There are many other features that make it very easy to use. However, one feature that has confused the users is the Google docs delete page method.

How to use the google doc?

It is very simple. The method of using the google page is pretty self-explanatory. You don’t have to worry too much as it can be done with the least amount of explanation. Everything you want to do to your text is laid upon the taskbar.

All you have to do is look. There are icons that suggest such a task will be done if you click on it, such as adding the effects of making a word bold and underlines, etc. Here is how to use the Google doc.

  • Download the google doc first. If you don’t want to download it then you have to write and click on the first option that will be shown on the desktop.
  • Now upon clicking on it you will see that you have to sign up.
  • You have to sign up using your official email address or the one that you want to use. If you download the application then this step is required however if you have gone to their site and want to start writing then the application will open up following the email address that is already logged in your system.
  • You will be given three options. ‘Choose a template’, ‘words’, ‘docs’. According to your own preference choose the option.
  • The template offers a wide range of template options such as letters, CVs, MLA format, APA format, etc. You can either choose the formats by going to the template directly or you can set the directions yourself.
  • When you choose what you have decided to, you will be presented with a white background where you have to start typing. This is the time to customize your settings. You can change the size of the font, style of the text, bold it, underline it, etc.
  • After you are done writing it, you can check the spelling and make grammatical corrections. After that on the left side of the doc, you will see a tick mark. Click on it to save the document. If you are writing on words then they will ask whether you want to save the document. Click on ok.
  • You can share the document via mail in any form you want. You can send it in docs form, pdf form, word form, etc.
    How to delete page in Google docs?

There are many ways in which you can delete pages after pages in google docs. The methods depend on the format you have chosen to write your text.

  • Hit backspace: If the page that you have chosen to write on is an ordinary page then all you have to do is simply pull the cursor down through the extra page so that it will look blue, then make way into the foot of the page and click on Backspace/Enter.
  • Change the formation: If the document that you were composing your content in was changed from word to docs, then there will be a section break created in the word form which can only be changed in the word. So you have to change the page break in words and then convert it into docs so that you don’t face the problem of having extra pages.
  • How to delete pages in resume format: When you have chosen a template to carry out your writing, most of the time it stays invisible to eyes whether the pages are used or not. The easy way to do it is to manualize the pages so that you can see how many pages you have used in the templates.
  • You have to right-click in the text area of any page that you have written so far on.
  • Now you have to select Table properties
  • After that, you have to go to Table borders.
  • Now you have to change the border width from whatever it is to 1
  • Now change the color to black or any other color that you can easily spot.
  • So whenever you see a border appearing after a text, you can easily fix the problem by taking the necessary step.
  • The problem could be related to how the page is formatted. If there is too much text available on the page or if the width of the page is not done right if any of the formations of the page is wrong then it would lead to this problem.

Share and ask someone else to remove: If you are still facing the problem of those extra pages then here is how you can solve them.

  • Open the document that you need to edit
  • Now you have to make way to File
  • Copy the whole text.
  • Now open a new doc and paste the text.
  • But In the new copy of the manuscript make sure that you remove any sensitive information, if not then replace it with identical placeholder data.
  • Now again you have to Choose File
  • Make sure that you Share
  • Now click on Get shareable link that is placed in the upper right-hand intersection of the confabulation box.
  • Click on ‘Anyone with the link’ so that the person who has the link can see it. You have to change that to ‘Anyone with the link can edit’.
  • Now share the link of the document with the person who can remove the pages.
  • This method is for those who have less time handling such times. You can ask for help from those who have the knowledge of how to remove the pages.

How to delete a page on Google docs by removing the texts?

  • Many times when you have typed up too much of a text that is not necessary, it could result in showing extra pages that are not needed. In that case, you can always rely on deleting those extra texts so that you can remove the extra pages.
  • Click on the text that you want to remove.
  • Adjust the place by dragging it from the starting point to the point you want to delete
    You can either click on delete or press on backspace to erase that piece of text. It will erase the extra page too.
  • When you are deleting it, make sure that you delete it from here and there. Dep’t ing it from one place only won’t work as it will cover the page as a whole. So balancing it by deleting the text from the front and the end is the right thing to do.
  • When you delete the text, make sure to delete the lines that are empty. By erasing the lines, you will erase the page breaks. That page lines take extra space.

How to delete an extra page in Google docs by deleting the page breaks?

Many times the page breaks even take up more space that can be gotten rid of. In order to make sure that you don’t worry over it, make sure that you check the trivial issue, check whether there are any page breaks or not. Page breaks take up so much space that can be done without.

7 Easy Ways To Delete Extra Pages On Google Docsr
7 Easy Ways To Delete Extra Pages On Google Docs
  • Go to the top corner of the right side of the text. You will see three dots there.
    Click on it.
  • You will find many options there from which you have to choose the page break.
    Remove the page break option to erase it totally from the document.
  • Another method to do it easily is by selecting the section where the page break appeared.
  • Tap on backspace or delete.
  • The page break will be gone.

How to delete pages in google docs by formatting the margins?

If you see that it is not the page break that is the culprit here, then you have to format the whole margins of the page. Here is how to do it easily.
You will see that at the top of the document, there are three dots situated on the left side of the toolbar,

  • Upon clicking on it you will see many options,
  • From there you have to click on “File.”
  • From the drop-down menu, you have to go all the way down to the bottom.
  • Going there, you have to click on “Page setup.”
  • Now there you will see the options of ‘pop-up’.
  • Now in the pop-up box, you have to fix all of your margins to one inch or the one that you want. But the trick lies in choosing a smaller number because the smaller number means having a smaller margin. If the margin is problematic then you can choose to format it the way you want.

This is how you can easily change the settings of the margins. By changing the settings of the margin you can erase the problems that posed earlier related to the one where you couldn’t erase extra pages in docs.

Apart from professional uses, it can be utilized to write short stories like you get in John Doe, novels, and poems, for personal use mainly. 


Google docs have been used worldwide. It has been used for many purposes, starting from making a resume to making research papers, it has been widely used. However, one feature that has made the functionality of docs a tough one was the method of deletion of extra pages. We have shared many ways in which you can delete the pages without any fuss.