7 Quintessential Features of App Developers

Are you looking for mobile app creators? Australian app publishers provide about 13,500 mobile apps among the nearly 3 million available, according to 42Mattres. When creating a smartphone app, it’s important to consider various features related to different app developers like DreamWalk. Here are some of the top features to look for when selecting an iOS or Android app maker:


This feature is critical, considering the high volume of mobile apps available today. Look for Clutch ratings & reviews. This service has become famous for its annual B2B rankings. Thus, when an app developer is ranked high on Clutch, it adds value to the company.

Another key ranking in Australia is on the App Store. Apple has earned over half of the country’s market share for mobile devices. That’s over twice the market share of Android at around 20%. Thus, when a company has developed tens of No.1 ranked apps on the App Store, it provides an edge over other developers.


When selecting a mobile app developer, this is another important feature to look for. It is always a plus when the company has over a decade of industry experience.

The mobile phone market was launched in Australia in 1981, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Mobile apps have sky-rocketed in popularity during the past decade, so you have many options. It’s thus important to consider an app developer’s industry experience so you can choose wisely.


It’s also important to look for companies that offer services for a wide range of businesses. This can include local and global companies. You can find Australian-based companies based in areas like Melbourne, which provide mobile apps for local, national, and international clients.

You can also find app developers that provide iOS and Android apps. These two operating systems comprise about three-quarters of the entire Australian market for smartphone/tablet OS.


App developers must focus on results. This includes various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Whether your company is a startup or well-established, it’s essential to get results through app design and development.

This is why it’s critical to review the past performance of particular developers. Besides various KPIs, you should also consider factors like the revenue generated. If a developer has earned companies several millions of dollars, for example, this is a sign of industry success.

Customer Service

This is a necessity during some key parts of app building, including design and development. However, it should also continue through the maintenance stage. This involves making necessary tweaks to maintain a results-focused approach.

Past Clients

It’s also a plus when a company has developed apps for different types of businesses and organisations. Experience with varied industries gives them in-depth know-how on how to move things for your business. They may be able to give you positive inputs and authentic feedback. When a company has worked with large corporations and state institutions, for example, it boosts their depth of experience.

Discovery Session

A discover session allows the developer to learn about your company’s business, operations, and goals. This is critical information that can help them tailor-make the app to your budget and creative requirements. Every company is different, so app developers must learn about your company so your in-house app can help meet your company’s goals.

While there are several app developers to select from like DreamWalk, there are also several features to look for. They include the company’s experience, approach, and results. This can provide the best results for your business, whether it’s a small startup or a big corporation.

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