9 Tips To Declutter Your Home This Winter

Spending time decluttering and reorganizing an area in your home is one thing you will never regret. No matter how many hours it takes, your will not be wasting your precious time. Instead, you will be investing it in yourself and your space. It is especially true for the winter seasons. During the winter months, we like to cozy up in our homes. It makes us feel relaxed and reduces stress. It is also a time to enjoy holiday festivities. And, we all know that around the holiday season, there is so much going on. We are prepping our spaces for family and parties and whatnot.

However, if you don’t declutter your space, you won’t be able to enjoy the season to its fullest. Hence it’s better to start cleaning and reorganizing your home. It will make your place cozier more welcoming for the people. And, most importantly, it will make the house more livable and functional for you. We’ve listed below a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Decide the level at which you would like to declutter and clean up

Before you start your decluttering project, you will need to decide the scale at which you want to do it. You can either stick to the most commonly used areas of your home or go all out. This decision will depend on your time and willingness to put in the effort. However, for the winter season, it is better if you do a more thorough cleaning process.

  1. Remove seasonal and bulky items

Whichever you opt for, removing bulky and seasonal items should be your priority. You don’t need summer equipment in winters, would you? And if there is an excess of furniture, remove it to free up some space. You may even move the unwanted things to a self storage unit. For example, your portable air coolers and watersports equipment are of no use in the winter months, so store them away. Renting extra storage space will help you keep your out-of-season belongings safe and secure while also keeping your home neat and spacious.

  1. Make a list

While starting any project, it is helpful to make a to-do list. It helps you in noting down everything that you will need for the project. It will also help to ensure that you do not forget anything on the list. Not to mention, when you check off an item from your list, it will motivate you to continue going on.

  1. Set a timeline

Setting a timeline is also helpful. It will lower the chances of procrastinating. Having deadlines is a great way to ensure that you are working efficiently. For instance, if you are decluttering the kitchen, you can challenge yourself to finish before the dishwasher rings. You can also set rewards for yourself, like taking an hour-long break to watch your favorite series after you finish cleaning a specific area.

  1. Repurpose, donate or throw

Decluttering means getting rid of things you no longer need. Since you will be going through all of your stuff, it is easier to identify the belongings you do not use very often. You can categorize these items by dividing them into things you use daily, things you seldom use, and things you do not use at all. If it is something you will not need in the upcoming season, store it away for future use. If you do not see any applications soon, repurpose or donate them. You can ask a friend or a neighbor if they need something from the stuff you’re getting rid of. You may even organize a yard sale and earn a few bucks. If something is not functional at all, throw it away.

  1. Make a designated clutter zone

Some things cannot be donated or recycled. However, you still do not want to throw them away. There can be countless reasons, like having some emotional attachment or feeling you will need it someday. For such items, it is okay to have a clutter zone. Nonetheless, be careful not to hoard stuff in this zone.

  1. Develop micro-habits

Even though a seasonal clean-up is significant in keeping our house in shape, it is better not to let things pile up. You may try to develop micro-habits to keep things in check in your house. For instance, making bedsheets, right after waking up. You do not have to change them every morning. But, when you will look at your tucked-in bedsheets, it will be refreshing. Similarly, you may try to have mini cluttering goals throughout the day. For example, clearing out the kitchen countertop after cooking or decluttering the dressing table before sleeping.

  1. Invest in space-saving furniture

Having space-saving furniture can help you a lot. It will help you store and organize stuff more efficiently. For instance, you can choose sofas with compartments underneath. Instead of having blankets and comforters lying around the living room, you can hide them away inside the furniture. Similarly, you can pick a coffee table that has shelves. It will keep the tabletop free.

  1. Involve every member of the house in the cleaning process

Do not forget to divide and conquer. This rule is as valid for defeating your clutter as it is true for winning wars. When you have the entire household working towards a goal, you can finish the task fast. Additionally, when everyone works together, it creates a healthy atmosphere in the house and family members.


People do believe that a clean and organized space is therapeutic. However, few are successful in keeping their spaced clean and organized. It is because people do not have enough time. It results in them waiting for weekends and holiday seasons. While there is no harm in that either, it will be better to develop micro-habits. Doing little every day is better than spending hours on something at the end of the year. Nonetheless, whenever you get the chance and time to declutter your entire house, go for it. As, there is nothing more soothing than a home that is neat, tidy, and systematic to its very core.

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