We all have full contact lists and send and receive electronic mail on a daily basis; some people are more organized than others, of course, but one thing is certain, there are ways to streamline email activity and many small business owners are not making good use of email solutions. If we’re honest about it, we all spend more time than we should compose, reading and moving mail into lists, which is why you should be using a professional email solutions provider.

Customised Solutions

If you are looking for a third-party email company in Australia and you want emails tracked and be notified when the recipient reads the mail, there are providers that tailor their services to suit the client’s needs. You can halve the time that you and your employees spend on emails and that is a real boost to productivity.

Email Marketing

While social media might be very powerful as a marketing platform, we can never ignore the effectiveness of direct email marketing. In the hands of a team of email marketing experts, your recipients will receive rich content and respond in a positive way. If you want the best roi from your digital marketing, talk to the email marketing team and see how creative they can be with creating a winning campaign.

Automated Responses

This is perfect for customer support; you can create your response to an enquiry and this is automatically sent upon receipt or original email, which customers like. You are acknowledging their enquiry and you can have as many texts as you wish, each for a different type of action. Some of the actions include:

  • Unlimited contact lists
  • Scheduled deployments
  • Email opened notification
  • Email tracking
  • Order/invoice/statement email solutions

Email Security

Of course, email security is essential; hackers use emails to send malicious code embedded into attachments and when you join forces with an email service provider, you can be sure to have the best email security, which is monitored 24/7 by industry experts.

Eliminate Double Handling and Human Error

Once you join forces with a leading Australian email service provider, they analyse your email use and set up automated systems that never make a mistake; The service is tailored to suit your business and the provider is dedicated to streamlining your email service in as many ways as possible.

Free Needs Assessment

When you first make contact with an email service provider, they carry out a needs assessment to determine how they can best help your business. Every organisation is unique and the service provider understands this and looks at what processes that can enhance. Perhaps it’s time to look at video marketing, which can be delivered via a link in an email.

The time that you and your employees will save adds up to a significant amount and with most of your email processes customised and automated, your email activity will be much smoother and that benefits your business.

Email marketing is part of a larger digital marketing platform and with professional help, you can make the most from electronic mail.