Best Cable and Internet Packages Amid COVID-19

Since COVID-19 has hit the world, we have seen a rising trend in internet usage. Whether you are a student or in your professional life, it has helped us keep our matters afloat. Everyone depends on the internet to go through their days of isolation or quarantine.

On the one hand, where this virtual transformation benefits us in various manners, this digital divide has also created some concerns for low-income families. The people who cannot afford the high-end internet packages are unable to keep up with the current evolutions.

However, keeping this in mind, several internet service providers have made some modifications within their services. They have considered the current situation and are now offering some suitable programs that can help low-income families and assist people in continuing to subscribe to an internet connection at low prices.

If you are unaware of the current modifications in the new packages and offers of the internet service providers, we can help! We have jotted down all-new programs and amendments that the providers have made so that you can easily see which ones suit your needs the best.

Free Intent Packages Amid COVID-19

Fortunately, many internet providers have rescued us from the expensive monthly payments and have come up with offers that will surely make you happy.

  • Spectrum

Charter Communications, the parent company of Spectrum, offers free Wi-Fi and broadband access to households that have K-12 or college-going students. This proposition is limited to just the first 60 days and customers who don’t already have a subscription. There are few criteria to fulfill, and you are good to go!

  • Altice USA 

Altice USA has also offered its new customers free broadband service for the first 60 days. The household with kids studying in K-12 and/or college can avail of this package by fulfilling the curtains requirements.

  • Cox 

Cox is also supporting their low-income customers by providing them amazing offers. They are providing free home internet services to the families that have K-12 kids in their houses. This offer is only eligible for the first two months.

No Late Payment Fees Amid COVID-19

The internet service providers have asserted with the FCC on its Keep Americans Connected Pledge to render internet facilities to the people with additional facilities. This includes the following brands with their considered offers in this period of crisis.

  • Spectrum

The company announced earlier that in the light of COVID-19, they would not charge any late fees or even terminate any service for their customers. This includes all their residential customers and small businesses

  • AT&T

AT&T has also said that they will waive all the late payments and fees for their home phone, broadband, or postpaid wireless services for their residential customers and small businesses. 

  • Verizon

This Verizon Company also offered its support to the customers. They are especially helping the ones who are unable to pay the fees due to the situation of COVID-19. They have provided simple solutions to them to mention their problem, and they will not disconnect their services for them. 

Free Public Wi-Fi

Companies have stepped up with the idea of offering high-end services to the people in these challenging times. Entities such as Spectrum, Comcast, and AT&T are now extending their services to everyone. Whether someone is their customer or not, they can use the Wi-Fi facility provided by these companies in public places. This service is free, and you have to have a device and the hotspot feature to connect it to your laptop, mobile, or tablet. These services are typically available in the libraries, public squares, airports, train stations, or bus stations. Remember that you don’t have to be their customer to use their internet service out there.

Time to Connect

Although all these internet service providers were already offering some fantastic packages such as Select TV channels provided by Spectrum. On this package, you get more than 125 popular channels and can watch it anywhere with more than 80 applications available at your disposal.

Moreover, the offers in consideration of coronavirus pandemic are highly appreciable. You can now use this opportunity to go with the fast pace of this world without worrying about any additional expenses.


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