1) Referrals 

The relationship you have with your existing clients can help you attract new ones because they will recommend you to others who are looking for a property through word of mouth. Their acquaintance will find you more trustworthy than any online information or blog since they had a good experience with you.

Your clients can benefit from referral programs in which you offer commissions in exchange for referring your real-estate portal to their contacts. Once a new lead signs up on their referral, they earn a commission for the same. It is a win-win situation for both of you.

2) Testimonials

Customers’ testimonials and case studies help to reassure your visitors that they are in good hands. Customer testimonials and case studies verify your real-estate service’s reputation for offering excellent guidance for finding and buying the ideal property.

3) Free Consultation Plus Quote 

Offering a free consultation or quote happens to trigger a certain level of interest in your visitors. After all, they’ll get a free evaluation in exchange for only their email address. This is a great way to get new leads.

4) Video Engagement

Visitors engage with videos much more than just content. Use videos to showcase properties and tell visitors where to find you. For gated videos, you can collect the potential prospects’ information by asking them to fill out a short form after they watch a certain length of the video. You can time your gated form to appear after a certain interval of time.

5) Pop-Ups 

If you have a blog, you can also add a subscribe button as well as schedule pop-ups for new leads. There are three types of pop-ups you can use: full-page, static, and other types that sit quietly in the corner or at the bottom of your website.

Popups that require a visitor to fill out the form are an excellent solution for this scenario, allowing the visitor to see the popup before clicking on the exit button. The last step is not to take the lead away from them, so why not give them one last shot at retaining them and collecting their info. Use pop-ups on your website, blogs, or anywhere else you think is pleasing.

GetEmail.io makes it easy to collect the email addresses of anyone by looking up their first name, last name, and domain name. GetEmail.io uses Big Data & Machine Learning Algorithms to find the email addresses of any professional or prospective buyer within seconds.

6) Social Sharing 

Provide your visitors with the opportunity to share content with their social media platforms directly from your blog page. Add social sharing buttons to make it easier for more people to share your content. In the social media space, this is almost like word-of-mouth social currency.