Are you searching for some top property management companies in Los Angeles? But before that, you should have some information regarding property management companies.

Property management companies deal directly with prospective and existing tenants, freeing you from the time commitment and anxiety associated with marketing your rental properties, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and even pursuing evictions.

In addition, a reliable management firm will bring their expertise and years of experience to your property, providing you with the sense of relief that comes from knowing that your investment is in capable hands.

Last but not least, a management business operates as an independent contractor, which frees you from the responsibilities associated with being an employer.

Although there are various positive aspects associated with working with a property management business, the cost is one of the negative aspects. Moreover, even if one disregards the expense, depending on a property management business is not something everyone should do.

In this article, I will take you to the top 10 property management companies in Los Angeles. So, let’s begin to know more about property management companies.

Top 10 Companies Property Management Los Angeles

You are freed from the time commitment and anxiety associated with marketing your rental properties, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and even pursuing evictions when you hire a management company because they deal directly with prospective tenants and existing tenants.

Our goal is to ensure the long-term success of our customers’ properties by acting as a liaison between property owners and the property management businesses that possess the highest level of expertise in the industry.

Therefore, we rated these companies according to how well they performed across a variety of different criteria so that we could provide you with a list of the most trustworthy property management companies in the Los Angeles area.

Here Are The Top 10 Property Management Companies in Los Angeles

  • PMI Golden State

PMI Golden State is a residential property management firm that provides all the services necessary to its clients and serves the greater Los Angeles region. Inc. 5000, Entrepreneur, and Franchise Direct are among the organizations that have presented honors to the company in recognition of its exceptional customer service.

They take care of everything associated with property management, including pre-rental analysis, property marketing, tenant screening, contract negotiations, rent collecting, accounting, and maintenance.

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In addition, owners and tenants have access to a user-friendly online interface that enables them to make payments, examine statements, and submit maintenance requests.

PMI is a member of many professional organizations, including the National Realtors Association, the National Association of Residential Property Managers, and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles.

  • Alliance Property Management

Alliance Property Management is a property management firm that offers a comprehensive range of services and serves the greater Los Angeles region. The organization handles property management activities such as advertising, maintenance and repairs, inspections, rent collecting, market analysis, and accounting.

The team uses suppliers with the necessary licenses and does regular exterior inspections to guarantee that the properties are cared for properly.

Tenants go through a stringent approval process before being allowed to rent an apartment, and owners have the option of scheduling interior inspections to monitor how well their property is being maintained. In addition, tenants can pay their rent and submit service issues using a user-friendly online interface.

  • Allstate HOA Management

Best Property Management Companies Los Angeles

Property management is a service that Allstate HOA Management offers to Homeowners Associations in the Los Angeles region and the areas immediately around it. These HOAs include condominium buildings and complexes.

The company consistently receives the highest ratings possible in its sector and is a winner of prizes bestowed by the relevant industry. The Community Associations Institute and the California Association of Community Managers are organizations in which it participates as a member.

The team, which was established in the year 2000, offers both competent and professional service. It also makes a substantial contribution to the development of communities that are prospering.

Allstate HOA Management provides comprehensive financial and accounting services, management of the physical property, including inspections, collaboration with vendors, acquisition, and evaluation of proposals, formulation of recommendations, after-hours emergency response, and comprehensive administrative services and support.

In addition, the firm focuses on its managers maintaining their education by providing them with educational and training opportunities twice a month and sending them on occasion to industry-specific legal seminars.

  • Beverly Hills Property Management

Beverly Hills Property Management manages residences in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. They are fully licensed and insured. The company offers a 24/7 emergency response staff and utilizes only licensed suppliers that charge pretty.

Online property statements ease investment management and income tax. The tenant interface lets renters pay bills anytime, anywhere, and schedule regular payments or reminders. Property owners get comprehensive management services from the first consultation until the tenant move-out.

  • Clearstone Property Management

Clearstone Property Management handles Los Angeles and nearby residential properties. The team of specialists has over 20 years of property management expertise, helping property managers increase cash flow and prevent expensive errors.

The organization handles tenant screening, financial reporting, rent collection, periodic inspections, eviction, and 24/7 maintenance. Tenants pay rent and request repairs online. Memberships include NARPM, NAR, and MLS.

  • EGL Properties

EGL Properties has managed Los Angeles residential properties for over 30 years. The California Board of Realtors licensed the organization and is a CACM member. The firm has an A+ rating with the BBB.

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Among its services are advertising vacancies, executing leases, 24/7 maintenance, rent collecting, accounting, and financial reporting. Tenants may anticipate a straightforward application procedure and polite, responsive property managers.

  • Empire West Property Management Inc

Best Property Management Companies Los Angeles

Empire West Property Management offers boutique property management in Los Angeles and the neighboring regions.

Property managers may anticipate prompt replies to tenant inquiries and complaints, rent collection, rigorous tenant screening, interior, and exterior maintenance and repairs coordination, accounting services, and monthly reporting.

The firm belongs to the Apartment Owners Association of California, Greater Los Angeles, and the National Association of Realtors. The team has 28 years of expertise and always puts the customer first.

  • Harbor Property Management

Los Angeles-based Harbor Property Management offers full-service property management. The team aims to make property management hands-off for owners by managing everything from the first consultation through the renter’s stay. ]

The group’s basic cost structure removes the complexity that multi-layered pricing structures may bring, and there are no hidden or surprise payments. The team manages around 1,000 units. Harbor has won the All Property MGMT Visitor’s Choice Award for its service.

  • ISM Management Company

ISM Management Company manages Los Angeles-area properties. With 15 years of expertise, the crew can efficiently handle units of various sizes. Integrity and open communication enable the organization to develop enduring client connections.

They utilize aggressive marketing to swiftly fill vacancies and never charge property owners leasing costs until the property is occupied. Tenants may seek maintenance and pay rent online using cutting-edge technologies.

  • JD Property Management

JD Property Management, Inc. has served Greater Southern California since 1974, offering specialized services to residential and commercial property owners and non-profits. JD is an Accredited Management Organization® that gives customers peace of mind and Certified Property Manager® expertise and experience.

Our basic principle is to improve NOI while conserving and boosting property value. JD Property Management, Inc. encourages honesty, dependability, and integrity in all business transactions. JD oversees 2,500 residential and business units.

Bookkeeping, rent collecting, 24/7 maintenance, evictions, monthly reporting, and leasing are offered.

Even though it would seem like a lot of money to pay a management charge of around 8% of the property’s value to a reputable property management firm, a good property management business is worth its weight in gold.

When you manage real estate, you must be ready to respond to any urgent situation involving a tenant at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

  • Commercial Property Management

Commercial property managers oversee the office, retail, storage, shopping center, and industrial buildings. It includes the same duties as residential management. However, it requires juggling several responsibilities.

Advertising, marketing, and leasing are part of a commercial manager’s work. Because commercial leases are longer than other properties, with built-in renewals and rent escalations, marketing, and lease negotiation procedures are lengthier and more extensive.

On the other hand, they have fewer hands-on duties after the space is leased than other managers since many offices, retail, and industrial tenants take care of their basic upkeep and, in some instances, design and personalize the interior to fit their companies.

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Commercial property managers monitor administrative and financial records and update upkeep, taxes, mortgages, and insurance.

They collect rent and address tenant requirements. Managers provide property owners monthly information (occupancy, rent roll, budget) on how their investment is doing.

Any property owner who lacks the time or knowledge to promote or manage commercial real estate should hire a property manager.

  • Rental Home Management Services

Best Property Management Companies Los Angeles

Property management companies determine the appropriate monthly rental fee by analyzing current and future trends in the relevant market. In selecting renters for you, they will also carry out tenant background checks, issue lease agreements, and collect rent on your behalf.

These organizations will also help you with the upkeep of your property once the tenants have moved out, finding new occupants for the vacant units, and paying the monthly energy bills for your properties.

It offers solutions for property management that are open, streamlined, and trustworthy. These solutions include property management services for rental properties in Los Angeles.

In addition, it offers comprehensive property management services to tenants worldwide, beginning with advertising and continuing through tenant screening, rent collecting, repair services, and beyond.

  • HOA Management

The successful operation of a community may provide several complex challenges.

For example, a Homeowner Association, often known as an HOA, is typically responsible for managing the commercial affairs of the companies while also striking a balance between the wishes and requirements of the people in the area.

On the other hand, these obligations are often beyond what volunteers can or are willing to take on without the assistance of professionals.

Because homeowners’ associations are governed by boards made up of community members who carry out their responsibilities on a volunteer basis, many homeowners’ associations seek the assistance of a professional third-party management firm to assist them in covering their extensive range of responsibilities.

There are four distinct categories into which the particular obligations of a community management business may be categorized:

  • The Accounting for Administrative Services
  • Accounting Services Receivable
  • Management Site Management
  • Receivable Management

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a property manager charge in California?

Rates are never guaranteed to remain the same with any company. They always rely on either a proportion of the revenue from renting the property or a combination of a percentage of the income from renting the property and a set sum.

The fees that residential property management companies in LA charge range from 8 to 12 percent of the tenant’s monthly rent. It is in addition to the costs of other things.

2. What is a property manager’s first responsibility to the owner?

A Property Manager Is Responsible For The Following 6 Things:

  1. Collecting Rent
  2. Managing Tenants
  3. Knowledge of the laws governing landlords and tenants.
  4. General Upkeep and Reparations
  5. Financial planning and meticulous record-keeping
  6. Taxes

3. Do you need a license to be a property manager?

Before becoming eligible to take the property management licensure test in California, an individual must first get experience in the field by working with a real estate broker or agent with a valid license.

Property managers in California are subject to highly stringent regulations of behavior, which means their assignments are subject to being suspended, revoked, and sometimes even checked.

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