SEO is vital for companies of any size, but for smaller companies, it can be the difference between making it big or sitting on the back burner. So whether your website is brand new, or you’ve had it running for years, and it’s never paid off: these are the most important things to consider when building your SEO.

Create a Website Blog

Your website should be more than just a place to find your products or services.  Beyond this, it should offer the chance for customers to find information that will help them and that they can interact with.  This will allow your site to gain more traffic, boost your numbers in search engine rankings, and give leads a reason to visit your site, which may help turn them into customers.

Build Your Links

The more links that lead back to your company: the better a source it will seem.  Ensure that these are valuable links, not just pasted in random comment sections or tweeted out.  The best way to do this is through either articles that link back to your company as a resource, which you can pay for, or by interacting with other brands, you do business with so that they’ll include links to your company.

It can take time to build a good collection of links heading back to your site: and you should use tracking on your site to notice if and where any traffic is coming from.  This will tell you where to invest your money in the future and what’s to drop as a tactic.

Invest In Paid Media

Paid media is more than just getting an influencer to pose with your product.  Paid media can also be guest entries in blogs that you pay for.  This can go a long way because it also builds your links and allows your company to create brand recognition beyond seeking out SEO consulting.  This helps not only with SEO but also directly with customers, who will learn to recognize your company’s name and will be more likely to purchase from you or make a move to support you.

Ensure Your Site Is Trustworthy

A trustworthy site is worth far more than any other website out there.  Keep your information up to date, honest, and professional.  If someone orders something from you, ensure that it’s shipped out quickly and exactly what they asked for.  Include clear information, like where you can be contacted, where your business is located (if there’s a physical location), and what your pricing is.

Gain Reviews From Customers

Your reviews from customers should be in more places than simply your websites.  Although your website should have thoughts on it, make it clear to customers that you’d appreciate their reviews on sites like Google if possible.  Have a good company page set up on Google Maps, ensure that your information is up to date, and try to gather as many positive reviews as possible.  If anyone has a problem, be polite, and help them however you can.