Nursing homes and assisted-living centers across California continue to see a notable increase in positive coronavirus cases which is very alarming for officials who are trying to slow the spread.

The older populations of these nursing and old age homes almost always have underlying health problems, which makes them immunocompromised and particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus.

They mostly live in close quarters. Administrators have responded to this surge by banning visitors, confining patients to their rooms, and scrambling to create sterile wings to treat residents who contract the virus.

California has multiple Corona cases from nursing homes
California has multiple Corona cases from nursing homes

It is being advocated that most of these nursing homes lack the equipment and training to properly quarantine patients with the virus, and hence officials are not satisfied.

Many concerned are wanting the state to set up entirely separate living spaces such as empty hotels, dormitories or cruise ships for nursing home residents tested positive with the virus.

Coronavirus has truly sickened thousands of workers and residents at care facilities around the state, but exactly which facilities remain murky because of a diffuse web of local policies, privacy concerns, and testing constraints.

More than twenty-one percent of nursing homes in California now report cases of COVID-19. Of more than 15,000 nursing homes in the United States, more than 650 Medicare-certified facilities have had infections.