California has speeded up COVID-19 testing capacity in recent weeks. It has surpassed New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and some other states.

This week, California has completed a total of 21,332 tests per 1 million residents of the state, placing it at 26 out of all states and Washington DC. In early April, it was ranked 50 with not even 1000 tests completed.

Multiple testing sites have been opened in Bay Area in the previous weeks and two new ones were opened at Schools in Santa Clara County.

In the month of April, the whole town of Bolinas (in Marin County), was tested for COVID-19. In the Mission District of Francisco, residents have had the free testing option since mid-April. 

California speeding up COVID-19, Ranked 26th out of all States.
California speeding up COVID-19, Ranked 26th out of all States.

There is no clear picture of all the testing. In the Bay area, Multiple Counties don’t include pending tests and inconclusive tests while calculating the Cumulative Testing Counts.

In some countries, negative tests didn’t have to be reported. It is challenging to know accurately about all the performed tests, said Matthew Willis, Marin County Public Health Officer, in a mail.

They are making sure that all the tests are getting reported as accurately as possible. Two Counties are at a faster pace of testing for Coronavirus, as compared to California.

These are San Francisco and Marin, which have tested more than 3 % of their population so far. On the other side, certain Hospitals and Commercial Labs Are not reporting data, apart from Positive tests, in San Joaquin and Sacramento County.

Let’s hope that the testing and reporting of tests become much more accurate overtime to get a better insight into where California is standing.