Complete Checklist for Buying a New House

Becoming a homeowner is the ultimate goal of almost every adult these days. Getting a house might be the only big purchase that many people make in their entire life. So, there is a huge responsibility to make the right decision. Trying to understand and go through the whole process of making the purchase can be overwhelming and arduous. Therefore, many people look for the right formula that eliminates all the chances of making any blunders. 

Making a real estate purchase is more complicated than just finding a house at your favorite location. From property boundaries to their measurement standards, a lot can become mindboggling for buyers. Therefore, people often resort to consulting with real estate experts. Their job is to find the right house for you, help you understand the complexities, and avoid the most common pitfalls. However, the whole process does not have to be that intimidating. You only need to make an organized checklist that you can follow to move from one step to another, with each one taking you closer to your dream. So, here is the ultimate list that you might have been looking for to seal the house deal. Once you are through this intuitive checklist, you will know what questions to ask and aspects to monitor when buying a house. 

Get the house inspected before buying

Before you finalize the purchase of your house, hire a professional to inspect the property thoroughly. Often walls are covered with beautiful wallpapers, but behind them, there is a whole different story. People often get conned into buying a property that is severely damaged by water, so hiring Water Damage Advisor seems like a prudent idea. 

This inspection is even more critical in flood-prone areas where water damage is more common. These experts have tools and technology to check the damage on the property. They also know what places to look for when inspecting the house, and you might not be able to locate the problem until sometime after living in the house. 

Finance for the house

To make buying a new house for your family a reality, you should have the finances too. Either you will get this money from relatives or a lending institution. The former option is an improbable one, so you will have to go with the latter one. However, before financial institutions lend you money, they ensure that you can pay them back too. And that is only possible when you have a constant income stream, whether through a business or job. 

If you don’t have either of these, there are chances that you might not get the loan that you have been anticipating. So, before you think about the purchase, ensure you have the finances or a source to get the necessary amount. 

Decide on the necessary features of your house

Before you start looking for a new house, ensure you have decided on the necessary features of your new place. If you have a big family, you will need more than two bedrooms. Similarly, if you cook yourself, a smaller kitchen won’t cut it alone. But of course, you have to be reasonable in your demands as you need to stay within your budget. 

If you don’t have sufficient funds for a larger home, look for a place to undertake DIY projects to revamp the house. The house with bigger rooms may offer you the option to make a partition to design your kids’ room. You can also discuss your requirements with your real estate agent and let them know your plans. 

Selecting a real estate agent

You might ask your relatives to search for houses in a particular area, but looking for a reliable real estate agent in most cases becomes inevitable. If you have already bought a home, you may know about a reliable realtor. For first-timers, finding one might be a challenging task. When finalizing a real estate agent, look for one with credible ratings and reviews by customers and peers. Ask your family members who have worked with real estate agents before and schedule a meeting with them. 

Do not choose one just because they charge the lowest commission; go with a trusted and reliable one to make the most out of your investment. If you have decided to take the services of a realtor, check their license with the local real estate board to ensure they are authorized to do the job. Take time to go through this process, as this might make or break your goal of buying your dream house. 

Location check

The location of your new house is a crucial factor to consider when buying a new place. If you have kids, the area should be such that you have access to school, a hospital, and other necessities. The neighbors around your home also matter as you will come in contact with them frequently. If the location is a busy road, it might not be suitable for a family with younger kids. 

The place also tells you about the home’s value, the availability of public goods, the rate of theft and robbery in the area. Likewise, it’ll also indicate the development plans of the local council and the status of transport. All these factors determine the cost of your house and the suitability of real estate for you. A place may seem perfect for your family, but there is no harm in checking the locality. 

Distance from school

This point might not be related to all the homeowners, but it is still applicable to many. If you have kids, you should consider the distance of the new house from the school. If you have planned to change your kids’ school, doing some research to find suitable educational institutions around the locality of your new house is inevitable. You also need to figure out how your kids will get there and the means of transport. 

Making the final offer- the art of negotiation

When you have finally found the right property, it is time to do the final negotiation. In most instances, your real estate agent is the one pitching your offer and completing all the legal requirements. In some cases, you may start the verbal negotiation, but your realtor will seal the deal for you. 

And leave no room for doubts.


Buying a new house is nothing less than a dream come true for most people. But before you select the most suitable place that meets your needs, you have to pass through a bumpy and uncertain road. From managing the finances to finding the right realtor, you have to navigate through the process carefully. Making a checklist helps you remain on track in your struggle to find the right property without overlooking any critical aspects of your purchase. 

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