There isn’t much difference between life and blogging. You do what you do, there are people who see it, express their opinions and there are people who give negative remarks about it and try to take you down. The only difference is there is a whole world of people reading your blog and the audience to whom you express yourself is much larger.

I have been blogging for years and actively blogging for for a couple of months and every day has been a whole new day to learn something or the other and negative comments have been one good thing that actually helped me climb my stairways to learning. As a human being, mixed with all imperfections and faults, I have had made a lot of mistakes and differences in opinions while I expressed myself through this blog and negative comments have always helped me to learn about my mistakes and be a better blogger. That’s how life is, making mistakes and learning from them and the same has been with blogging.

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     I remember a couple of months ago, I wrote this blog post, 22 Reasons You Should Never VisitDarjeeling, which was a sarcastic post, where I appreciated Darjeeling and promoted tourism in Darjeeling in a sarcastic way and the post went viral over the internet. Don’t judge a book by its cover and incomplete knowledge is a dangerous thing and well, there were a lot of people who did judge the blog post by its title, even without reading the post or just incompletely misunderstanding the message being delivered by the blog post.

Yes, the blog post received a lot of positive comments which made me feel quite flattered but there were few negative comments from people, mostly Anonymous, with hate messages and some really insensitive comments. Just within a day, I posted this post, there were showers of flattering comments which made me feel good, the negative comments made me feel a little down and bad as this is how human emotions work.

     But soon I realized that it was a stepping stone in my journey of blogging. One cannot expect all good things to happen without any setback in life, as it was the same with blogging. Every negativity that comes makes you decide to either you wanna be stuck where you are or change and motivate yourself to be a better person and in this case a better blogger.

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     As a blogger, typing my words in front of a computer screen, sometimes I forget that I am communicating and expressing myself to a huge audience out there so every word I post means something. The best way in my experience to be a better blogger is to be who you are and express yourself truly how you feel but making sure that in the process, your opinions and views don’t hurt anybody’s sentiments.

     It’s a natural thing that there are always going to be people who would disagree with what you say or going to look for little reasons to poke you when you’re blogging and the same is with life. Just make sure that you analyze yourself as a viewer, as a reader for how your post in your blog appears, and if you think it’s okay and no harm would be done then go ahead and post it. What actually matters is that you’re being yourself, you’re sure you don’t have any harmful or hurtful intentions and your words don’t create any problem, and when you’re sure about it, then it doesn’t matter and you could always go ahead with whatever you are doing.

      Blogging is performing in front of a crowded audience and there will be a crowd cheering for you and there will be another crowd, passing nasty comments and making fun of you. It’s up to you to convince yourself how you take those comments as and do your best at what you do, and someday that crowd screaming bullies like you, surely will be cheering for you as well.