Florida Water Recipe | How to make Florida water?

A handful of thoughts run in mind hearing the name Florida water, like what is it? How to make Florida water? What ingredients are used? and many more. So, here we have brought a detailed answer to all your questions.Florida Water Recipe

Let’s begins by understanding the basics of Florida water. Florida water is one of those sacred American Cologne water recipes used by the southern practitioners of the hoodoo and voodoo tradition. The water is popularly used to cleanse a home or for certain religious rituals.

Since the 19th century, the company Lanman and Murray are involved in making a commercial version of Florida water. However, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of recipes for Florida water, and can be easily prepared at home.

How to make Florida water?

Florida Water Recipe
Florida Water Recipe

People usually search for how to make Florida water or DIY Florida water recipe. Well it’s quite simple, and anyone can make their own Florida water at home. However, each portion will be slightly different from the other depending on the type of aromatic flowers and herbs available during the season or you choose to make it—the essential ingredient used in making Florida water is alcohol that gives it its cooling effect.

Given below are the two Florida water recipe that works well and are extremely easy.

1. Rose-a-licious Florida water

Looking for answers to your question, what are the ingredients for Florida water? Well, here it is-

  • Three to four bottles of commercial Florida water (whatever you like)
  • Three cups of roses (prefer the one with a strong scent)
  • Three cups of Jasmine flowers
  • Three cups of aromatic green herbs like mint, lemon verbena, lemon balm, Mexican mint marigold, basil, thyme
  • Three sticks of cinnamon

You can customize the recipe by adding your choice of fresh flowers of plants to it.

On a full moon combines all the ingredients in a bowl and lets it sit for a complete lunation.  After the given time period, strain out the plant material and to the water add any essential oil of your preference. Bottle the water and use it as you want.

2. Florida water recipe that involves cooking

Florida Water Recipe
Florida Water Recipe

This recipe of Florida water involves cooking the ingredients on low flame on either a stove or crockpot. Here are the required ingredients-

  • Five cups of Vodka
  • Nine sticks of cinnamon
  • Eighteen all-spice berries
  • One orange peel (prefer the dried ones)
  • Three cups of rose petals (fresh or dried)
  • Three cups of jasmine flower (prefer fresh ones to get the scent)
  • Three bay leaves
  • One and a half cup of dried angelica root
  • One cup of aromatic green herbs

Now add all the dried ingredients in a pan and cook them for about 10 minutes on a low flame. Be careful as inhaling the fumes at this point can get you high. Now to the mixture, add fresh flowers and green herbs. Cook them together for about 30 to 45 minutes on low to medium-low flame.

Stay attentive while cooking them on flame and stir the mixture occasionally and finally sniff test it. The botanicals in the mix will start to outweigh the Vodka in the sniff test.

Once this point is achieved, take the mixture from the stove, cool it and then add essential oils of your choice. Bottle up the mixture and use it as you like.

Can the rose essential oil be made using Florida water?

This is the most common question people have. No, it is not possible to make a rose essential oil from Florida water as the ingredients used in both differ widely.

Where to buy Florida water?

Florida Water Recipe
Florida Water Recipe

Lanman and Murray since the 19th century, are involved in the production of commercial Florida water. However, with time, several other companies came up for the production of the same.

The increase in Florida water producing companies has made it available on various online websites and at local stores.

You can buy it from the official website of Lanman and Murray, from Etsy, Walmart, and others like Amazon, Botanica, etc.

What is Florida water used for?

Florida water can be used extensively for both spiritual and practical purposes. It is used for all the kinds of spiritual activities, from cleaning, protecting, blessing, healing, removing negativity to offering to the ancestors.

You can put the water in a spray bottle to use it as a spiritual disinfectant, for doors and windows, or to use it as an alternative to holy water or pour the water in a bowl and place it in the altar for the offering.

Here are the details of both spiritual and practical usage of Florida water-

1. What does Florida water do spiritually?

Florida water is preferably used for spiritual purposes, which can be easily incorporated in any spiritual ritual. Here are the top seven spiritual uses of Florida water.

  • The refreshing citrus and floral scented Florida water is commonly used for the purification and ritual offerings. Some people even replace Holi water with Florida water.
  • Florida water is used to wipe down the altar items to cleanse them of any negative energy and to clear their ways to receive messages from the spirits and ancestors.

Note- while wiping down candles, make sure that they are scorched before you like them up.

  • Florida water is also used in spells to remove heavy vibrations and to encourage the expression of emotions.
  • It is placed on the altar while seeking guidance from the ancestors, as Florida water clears the air of any negativity and interference that allows for a bright reading environment.
  • It is used for blessing and cleaning new home to protect it and bring prosperity and luck
  • It can be used to bring peace at the workplace
  • Before any ritual, wash your hands with Florida water soap or takes a Florida water spiritual bath. This will remove any negative energy and would encourage one’s protection.
  1. What is the practical purpose of Florida water?

In addition to the spiritual uses, Florida water also has got a practical purpose. If you are wondering what is the purpose of Florida water is then here is the answer to It-

  • Florida water can be used to ease muscle aches
  • It can be used as a body lotion to soften the skin before and after shaving
  • It can provide relief from sunburns and bug bites
  • Florida water can be an excellent perfume or cologne
  • You can relieve the stress from work by taking a Florida water spiritual bath
  • It helps lighten the pores and also tones up the skin.
  • The cooling property of Florida water is excellent for the people residing in warm climates.

In summary

For centuries, Florida water has proven itself to be a versatile staple product useful at homes, in magic and religious practices. They have been for centuries and are loved in hot climatic regions where nothing cools you down like a quick spray.

You can find several other Florida water recipes online, but here we have tried to bring the best and the easiest one for you. Experiment with the recipes to customize your own Florida water.

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