It may not seem obvious, but shoes are an investment. You can easily find a shirt or pair of pants that can last for years for a low price, but good luck trying to find a pair of durable and comfortable shoes for a similar price. Sure you may get the chance to score a cheap pair of sneakers, but there’s also the chance that pair won’t last a year, especially if you intend on wearing them every day. When it comes to shoes, you get what you pay for. Thus, you have to carefully think about when making a purchase. Good-quality shoes like frankie4 may cost you more than $100 in one purchase, but they will save you future purchases for replacing easily broken down shoes.

Look for Comfort

Like tops and bottoms, shoes are supposed to look good and feel comfortable. Appearance is largely subjective. What may look appealing to some may be tacky to others. However, comfort is more objective. The feet receive a lot of stress, especially if you have an active lifestyle. You don’t have to be an athlete to have stressed feet. Just having a job that involves a lot of standing and walking around can be enough to give sore feet. Thus, comfort is paramount.

There are plenty of materials shoemakers use to make their products comfortable. For example, frankie4 shoes have a footbed with arch support that was designed by a podiatrist (Podiatrists are healthcare professionals that specialize in foot care) to give you the best support and comfort. Plus, the footbed is removable so you can also wear the shoes with your personal orthotics.

If you are looking for footwear with a leather exterior for formal occasions, go for ones with a foam interior. Foam is gentle so it won’t irritate your skin after a whole day of wearing the shoes.


Polyurethane is another material that is common among shoes. Polyurethane is light, but it is resistant to abrasion. It also has great shock absorption. Thus, you can find polyurethane in shoes that are used for physically active applications such as sports. Polyurethane is also water- and chemical-resistant. It also has an excellent grip, so you don’t have to worry too much about slipping. Thus, polyurethane is a good material if you work in an industrial setting, a wet laboratory, or if you live somewhere that rains often. These traits make it perfect for the sole.

See what Fits

People come in different shapes and sizes, and the feet are no exception. Just as you may struggle to find the right pair of pants that can do justice to your waist, hips, thighs, and calves, so can you struggle to find the right pair of shoes for your feet. A pair may have the right width to accommodate your feed, but it can be too short. Some people’s feet widen towards the toe area so that they may need shoes with a wider or rounded toe area. Luckily, shoes like frankie4 offer a custom fit pack so you may more easily find the right pair for you. 

In a society where appearance matters, shopping for clothes can be daunting. When it comes to shoes, realize that a good pair goes beyond appearance. Your feet are responsible for several mechanical functions. Thus, when you are in the market for shoes, besides looking for what makes you look good, consider how those shoes can treat your feet.