Solarmovies is a site that offers a host of tv movies and shows that one can watch anytime from anywhere. It does not have a tough or complex interface so you don’t have to worry about overdoing the application. Because the application is free of cost and requires no money to watch the movies or shows, it has garnered many fans around the world. The easy-to-use interface along with the capability to have no complexities in the application has so many users.

However, the application was taken down due to many reasons. All the reasons were enough to make the users think about the integrity of the application or whether it will be safe to launch the system on the device. In this article, we will try to solve the mystery around the application to help you guys.

What is the Solarmovie app?

The solar movie application is an application that provides the viewer with a wide range of content related to movies and shows. You can watch a variety of movies and shows in the application as it has hosts of content connected to it. The interface of the application is very easy which makes it easy to use.

Is solarmovies safe to use? Click to know the full answer
Is solarmovies safe to use? Click to know the full answer

However, there are other things such as the allowance of letting the application and the content be utilized easily is one of the other positive things too. The application has many movies and shows from around the globe in its library. The media files that are included here are of high quality and totally free. There are multiple features that make it accessible.

The features are content popularity, genre specification, and country division. Apart from movies and tv shows, they offer anime shows too. However, while trying to utilize the application, there were some issues that the users faced. The complications were enough to make the users look for alternative options that would give them the same amount of fun that they seek.

Is solar movies safe?

The problem that many users have confirmed is that the application contains bugs that not only infect the device in which it is operating but halts the videos and ruins the integrity of the media too. There is no pleasure about the media player which halts due to complications as it ruins the fun altogether.

Is solarmovies safe to use? Click to know the full answer
Is solarmovies safe to use? Click to know the full answer

The bugs could harm your device along with internet connectivity. You need the internet to stream movies and shows and other content however if the bug attacks your device and internet then it could create inconvenience. So to think whether you can use it to browse movies and shows then you are wrong because the bug in the system could cause your whole device to seize and stop working.

How does the bug enter?

The application has two features that could become the carrier of the bug. It accepts ads that could be the carrier of the bug. Because the application is not the authenticated one, it does not have any strong system to take it down. However, the bug which makes its way to the device through the ad has to be stopped.

The ad not only brings the bug into the system but the appearance of an ad which is a form of spam stops the streaming services too. The bugs anticipate the ad in the form of spam which makes the whole streaming experience inconvenient. The application is a dangerous one as it not only creates inconvenience in the streaming videos but also creates a blockage system in our device which halts the operation of the system.

The applications have an auto clickable ability which makes it tough to only watch the videos. The auto clickable ability makes the application download other third-party software. The third-party software is the carrier of big which ceases the performance of the device.

How does the Solormovies harm your device?

Is solarmovies safe to use? Click to know the full answer
Is solarmovies safe to use? Click to know the full answer

The solar movies can harm your device in many ways. The main reason for the bug which causes the inconvenience lies in the fact that the application allows the ad to be shown while one is using the application. These ads are a form of spam that allows the system to download third-party applications and software that could slow down your device or even break it down.

The application allows the Flash players and media players to create some exceptions to the browser data which then allows some files to be added to them. Apart from this internet issue which can cause the appearance of bugs and viruses in the device, one can crash with some legal terms as a form of assessment of copyright content.

So there are two types of threats that your device could be facing due to solarmovies, one related to the internet and the other might be related to copyright content as the application is based on the other franchise data like Netflix, Disney movies, Hulu, HBO and many more. If the distributor comes to know about the usage of their franchise without proper permission then you can be hit with a lawsuit. Solarmovieph was the first piracy site that was hit with a lawsuit.

Is solarmovie legal?

No. The straightforward answer would be no. Solarmovie so com is not legal. If it was legal then the issue of being hit with a lawsuit would not have risen. Solarmovies have contents deriving from authenticated distributing sites such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and others that could make the distributors hit the developer of the site with a lawsuit. There are only seven countries in which solarmovies is legal and is still running. Countries like Singapore, Australia have banned the piracy site long ago.

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Is Solrmovies down?

The older version of this very application is down for sure because of all the inconvenience and the bugging issue which has stirred the users to their core however there has been some duplicate of the application that is found on the internet which is provided by some third party application or site.

The integrity of the site along with the application replica of the solarmovies cannot be upheld for sure as the users will have to use it to know whether it is good or not. But third-party applications are usually the carrier of viruses. It is up to you to download the application.

The pros and cons of using Solar movies?

Each and everything in the world has pros and cons both. Of course, which side has more credits can only be understood after judging both sides.


  • Each and every show present in the best distributors including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc can be found here.
  • The interface is easy to use. You just have to search by the name in order to get access to it. Click on the show to watch it.
  • There is no subscription needed, unlike the reputed distributors. It is totally free of cost. It doesn’t matter how many shows you stream for how long, it will be free of cost.
  • All the details of the movies and shows will be mentioned in the description below the respective show so that you can decide whether to watch it or not.


  • The application is illegal so using it only would make it difficult for you. As the application has pirated the content from distributors who can sue you for taking the products of theirs by asking permission to do so.
  • This particular application is totally unsafe as the application is full of bugs and viruses. It can harm the device that it is installed in
  • The browsing of the movies or shows is very convenient as it allows pop up ads on the screen. The ads are functioned with the help of an auto clicker. This means whether you click it or not, the application or software that the ad is showing will be downloaded in your system accordingly.
  • The site is only available in seven particular countries so anyone who is not a citizen of a particular country cannot get access to it.

How to get access to the unblocked version of solar movies?

If you want to get access to solar movies somehow then there is one way to do it. Of course, you cannot get access to the application with the domain that you are using as the domain restricts the person from getting access to it. However, you can get access to the site that is left unblocked. By accessing the unblocked site you can easily get the unblocked version downloaded.

In order to download the unblocked version, you will have to go to a particular website URL which is a subdomain of the website, you have to make sure that it is not blocked. Many admins make the pages where the sites are not blocked. If you try to download it from such a domain then you can easily download it. The URL will be similar to the main application. That is what makes it easier to navigate.

Few similar solar movies sites that are still working:

These are the mirror image or the copy image of the application which you can use if you want to browse movies and other shows. It has become very easy to do so because of it being free.

  • ru: This particular site is the mirror image of the original site originating from Russia. It is legal and doesn’t have much of a problem, to begin with. Like solar movies, you can stream any shows and movies you want while maintaining a good quality without any cost. You can easily get access to this site only by searching on google.
  • Solamoviez: This another mirror image of the original application that can be used as it also provides the user with the rights to stream movies and shows without any cost. The interface is very easy to use and all you have to do is search. The extension of the library is pretty rich as it continues to add up new contents daily.

How to protect your phone against this solarmovies app:

If you somehow have the application on your phone, then uninstalling it is the right thing to do as it continues to harm the device that it is on. However, if you are looking forward to keeping the application on the device so that you can utilize it to its fullest zeal then you should maintain a few things.

  • Make sure that you launch the antivirus system before and after using the application.
  • Use ad blocker applications or software to block the popping up of the ads.
  • You can also use restrictions to put a stop to the unnecessary elements that happen while utilizing the application.


The application is one of those fan favorites applications that offered a service worthy to be used again and again, however, due to malware complications, the application was taken down. You can download the mirror applications of the particular site to garner the benefits. They are more safe and convenient.

Is solarmovies safe to use? Click to know the full answer Discussion
What is the Solarmovie app? With the help of this app, you can watch movies and tv shows.
Is solarmovies safe? No. Solarmovies is not safe.
How does the bug enter? The big enters through the third party application which is generated by the auto-clicking ads.
How does the Solormovies harm your device? Solar movies harm the device by attacking with the big.
Is solarmovie legal? No. Solar movies are not legal.
The pros and cons of using Solar movies? To know all about, scroll down to read.
How to get access to the unblocked version of solarmovies? You have to download the application from the unblocked site.
Few similar solarmovies sites that are still working and solarmoviez are one of the applications similar to solarmovies
How to protect your phone against this solarmovies app Launch the antivirus software, download the ad-blocking apps.