In the age-old time, whenever a person becomes ill, doctors would prescribe some herbs or plants having the power to cure the illness. With time, the world around us changed. Advancement in science brought up a new branch called medicine. Here are some of the Best Medical Shop Names you should read.

It is the science and practice of looking after a patient and diagnosing the injury or the illness, one is suffering from. With this introduction of medicine, there originates the concept of a storehouse where the medicinal drugs can be stocked and can be used during emergencies or when a person is in need of medical assistance.

In Baghdad, the first pharmacy was established in 754 CE, under the Abbasid Caliphate during the Islamic gold age. Imagine! There’s only a single medical shop in the entire world back in the eighth century. Now, coming to this 21st century, the age of modernization, we can find a medical shop, a pharmacy in each corner of the road, in the malls. It has become more approachable to the masses.

With the increasing number of pharmacies, drug stores, medical shops, there has been a shortage of names, rather say appropriate names, that the owners prefer to name their shops. So, we have brought a series of names, which would serve as your medical shop names.

Medicine Shop Names

Medicine Shop Names
Medicine Shop Names

While we try to name a medical shop, it needs to be a catchy one. Here’s a list of names:

24hrs Medical store Lifeline Medical store Origin Medical shop
Medicine House ABC Pharmacy Emergency Medical store
Medline All cure medical house Day and Night Medicare
New Chemist corner Grand Health Pharmacy Safe life medical hall
Park Pharmacy Green zone Pharmacy Camp Care Pharmacy
Crossroad Pharmacy Asterix Pharmacy Blue Pharma
Express Pharmacy GoodLife Pharmacy National Pharmacy
Pharma Best Pharmacy Alliance Homeland Pharmacy
Street Pharmacy North South Pharmacy Sunray Pharmacy
Best Care Pharmacy East West Pharmacy Health Prime Pharmacy
Med Chemist House Indo Burma Chemist Hall National Chemist Corner
New Chemist Hall All new Chemist Corner Central Chemist Shop
District Chemist Corner Brighton Chemist Hall International Chemist House
Silverspoon Chemist Hall Crystal Chemist Hall Nation Chemist Corner
Red Cross Chemist Hall Arrow Chemist Corner New Life Chemist Store
Station Medical Hall First-Aid Medical Shop Fast cure medical shop
Hudson Medical Ivan Medical Adam Medical Store
Sevak Medical Close Street Medical Drug Loft Medical
Health Mart Health First Centre Centre of Health treatment
Health Care Centre Centre of Diagnosis and Care Alternative Healthcare
Safe Home Health Centre Home Health Way Company Pasteur Health Care
All Safe Healthcare Centre Valley of Recovery Healthcare Centre Health is Wealth Healthcare Company
Safe Hand Healthcare Centre Child Healthcare Centre Max Health Lab
Express Medical shop Green Earth Medical Shop Westerly Medical shop
On-call Medics Hope Medical Store Night watch Medical Store
Atlas Medical House New Era Medical Store Life Check Medical Hall
Modern Health Medical Hall New Life medical shop Planet Health Medical Store
Grace Medical Hall Asclepius Medical Store Bio plus Medical Hall
Essential Medica Life Saving Drug Store Medicinal Requisite
Vista Medical Store Paul Medical Hall Indiana Medica

Independent Pharmacy Names

We know, that all the drug stores and medical shops are not government-sponsored. There are a lot of private, independent medical stores. Here’s a list of some unique independent pharmacy names that can be used.

Independent Pharmacy Names
Vista Medical Store Paul Medical Hall Indiana Medica
Life Light Medical Shop Indica Medical store Best Medical House
Day and Night Medical Hall All Cure Medical Home Everton Medical Hall
Best Care Pharmacy Divine Path Pharmcy 278 Pharmacy
Healthy Pharmacy MediGood Duane Reade
Generation Pharmacy PharmSquare 90th Street Pharmacy
Medilane Pharmacy BeSure Pharmacy Avalon Chemists
Grand Health MediCrest Ivan Pharmacy
Center Pharmacy Rebirth Pharmacy Drug Loft
ABC Pharmacy GraceSpace Alpina Pharmacy INC
Arrow Pharmacy Ryte Pharmacy Pharmacy Channel
Kings Pharmacy lifeServe All Health Pharmacy
Capsule TruHope Pharmacy Royal Care Pharmacy
New London Pharmacy Brennen Drugs Co Buy-Rite Pharmacy
Stanley’s Pharmacy Cherry Street Pharmacy People Choice Pharmacy
Pasteur City Drug 18 Pharmacy Inc
Mixlab Eastlake Pharmacy Skyline
Windsor Pharmacy Lyfe Pharmacy Xpress Lane Pharmacy
Downtown Pharmacy Mediserv Pharmacy Direct
Walgreens Omnicare Care Pharmacy Hastings
Jaros Pharmacy Pavilions Pharmacy Life Pharmacy
NuCare Pharmacy Central Rx Net Pharmacy
Hudson Square Crossroads Medicines To Midnight
Thriftway Pharmacy Friends & Family Pharmacy Health Chemist
Joseph Northwest Pharmacy Little Sprout
Healthy Floyds Outpatient Pharmacy Urgent
Rite Aid Pharma Best Buller Pharmacy
Med-X Drug Pharmanic Allergy Pharmacy
Vista Pharmacy Premier Long Term Care Pharm Wellworks
Publix Pharmacy Newday Drug Store Blackstone Medical Inc
Pharmacy Partners Pacific Medical Precision Surgical Inc

Chemist Shop Names

Chemist shops generally sell medicines and various products like newspapers, chocolates, etc. Here’s a list of names of chemist shops.

Alliance Community Pharma First Elijah Stawicki
Wellness Craft Pharmacy Alliance
Cornerstone Hosp Of Southeast AZ
Sand Point Pharmacy Discount Drugs Pharmacy Management Corp
Cedra Pharmacy Express Food & Pharmacy Edit Trix
Rocky’s Drug First Hill Pharmacy West Shore Pharmacy
Dakota Drug Gem Drugs Potomac Valley Pharmacy Inc
Below Drug Simple Meds Drug World Of Cold Springs Llc
Pride Pharmacy The Pill Club Po Box 33
Health Element The Rx Advocates Media Management Group
Smart Pharmacy Tru Script Rxperts Pharmacy NJ Inc
Keystone Pharmacy Health Warehouse Oscarcorp
Drug Blend HealthDirect Follansbee Pharmacy
RefillWise MedImpact Central Pharmacy
Pill Pack AAA Hospital Warehouse Wilkinson
Foundation Care Ablecare Brighton Pharmacy
Confidential Drug Accuffy Event Messaging
Bioplus Specialty Adjuva Covermark
Ally Scripts Advantage Home Health Services Albertson’S
Grand Medicine Alego Health com
Prescription Hope Alert Transportation Rx USA
First Pharmacy All Aboard Medical Transport Melrose Pharmacy Inc
Planet Health Allenton Medical Devices Economy Drug
Beyond Health Alpha Crew Baya Pharmacy
Reliable Pharmacy Altius The Crystal Shoppe
Community Pharmacy Amicus Neighborhood Pharmacy
Good Neighbor Pharmacy Armadale Capital Apple Discount Drugs
Family Drug Mart Beeline Medical Transport Daniels Pharmacy
Lifeshave Pharmacy Better Quest Martin Hedler
Concord Pharmacy Blue Line Health Care Co. Laws Charleston Drugs Inc
Rejuvva Drugs Bregta Dan Kennelly

Suggest a name for Medical

Often, we have seen there are medical shops with a doctor’s corner. In case of a serious emergency, so that one can get the doctor’s assistance. Here’s a list of some names for medical shops.

How Do I Name My Pharmacy?

Pharmacy Names

For naming a medical shop or a pharmacy, we need to look after the following conditions:

  1. Check that there is no other medical shop with the same name in the locality, as it will create confusion and it does not look good; two medical shops with the same name!
  2. Try to use any term related to the medical world while naming a pharmacy.
  • The name must be short and catchy so that people can easily remember the name.

Health Care Company Name Ideas

The Healthcare service group consists of companies and entities that provide medical supplies, medical equipment that are required, and also provide healthcare services in hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare providers, wherever is required. Here’s a suggested list of names that can be given to a new health care company.

Pavilions Pharmacy Reliable Pharmacy ABC Pharmacy
Heart Medical Shop Florrax Medilane Pharmacy
Marsh Drug Store Med-X Drug Robust pharmacy
Pride Pharmacy Care Pharmacy Hastings Family Fare Pharmacy
Gen Prescription Avalon Chemists Health Warehouse
Gastroen Diagno MobiFast Pharma Ingles Markets
Medify Gem Drugs Wellbeing Component
Hahnemann Medico Pharmacy Direct Ally Scripts
Pharma Foundation Hopify Pharma Buy-Rite Pharmacy
MediGood Royal Care Pharmacy Smart Pharmacy
IHC Pharmacy Sand Point Pharmacy Assuro Pharmacy
Syngex Drugs Urgent Pharmacy HealthDirect
Atlas Drugs Capsule Downtown Pharmacy
Drug Blend Lifezest Pill Pack
Revco Discount Drugs Health Element Medical Mediserv
Maplewood Pharmacy People Choice Pharmacy Walgreens
Generation Pharmacy Integra Pharmacy Best Care Medical
Cherry Street Pharmacy Ivan Pharmacy Genovese Drug Store
NuCare Pharmacy Keystone Pharmacy Rxtra
Skyline Neighborcare Stanley’s Pharmacy
Hopify Drug Kings Pharmacy Recovery Door
Windsor Pharmacy Randalls Food & Drug IDL Drug Stores
Healthy Floyds Good Neighbor Pharmacy Eastlake Pharmacy
Dahls Pharmacy MediCrest MedEasy living
RefillWise Modern Health Point Healthy Floyds

Cool Medical Names

Often, we have seen the medical shops carrying a dull name board with some old-fashioned name written on it. So, here’s a list of some really cool medical names, that are attractive as well as follow the new trend of the generation.

Medicine shop Names
Life Pharmacy Mixlab Publix Pharmacy
MedEasy living Wellwise Generation Pharmacy
Nutrico Maplewood Pharmacy Pill Pack
Lifeshave Pharmacy Recovery Door Pharma Best
Human care and beyond Friends & Family Pharmacy ABC Pharmacy
Arrow Pharmacy Atlas Drugs Family Drug Mart
Care Community Pharmacy 90th Street Pharmacy Daily Deliver Pharma
Urgent Alliance Community Recovery Corner
Express Food & Pharmacy Ivan Pharmacy Ally Scripts
Gen Prescription Joseph All Health Pharmacy
Pharma Street Robust pharmacy Dakota Drug
Globe Pharmacy Northwest Pharmacy Thriftway Pharmacy
Avalon Chemists Wellness Craft Integra Pharmacy
Health Element Medical Xpress Lane Pharmacy Arrow Pharmacy
Dahls Pharmacy Louis and Clark Drug Fleming Pharma
People Choice Pharmacy IDL Drug Stores Windsor Pharmacy
Reviva Medical Point Omnicare Medical Shop Keystone Pharmacy
LifeCrest TruHope Pharmacy MobiFast Pharma
BeSure Pharmacy Sand Point Pharmacy Assured Drug
Pride Pharmacy Stayiess IHC Pharmacy
Heart Medical Shop Family Fare Pharmacy Marsh Drug Store
Bioplus Specialty Center Pharmacy Wellbeing
Smart Recovery Point Pharmacy City Drug SureMedi
Simple Meds Pharmacy Channel Wellbeing Component
Cedra Pharmacy Best Care Medical Best Care Pharmacy
The Pill Club Fruth Pharmacy Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Net Pharmacy Lifezest Discount Emporium
TrulyEffecto Pills Med-X Drug Pharmacy Direct
Hopify Health New Wellbeing Corner MedicalVibe
ACME Pharmacy Pharmacy Friend Neighborhood Pharmacy
Allergy Pharmacy First Pharmacy Grand Health
Pharmacy Partners Wellocity Medicines To Midnight
Giant Eagle, Inc. Schnucks Pharmacy Planet Health
Mobile Doctor and Medico Confidential Drug Rite Aid
Buller Pharmacy Wellfresh GraceSpace

How Can I Start A Medical Shop?

To start a medical shop or a drug store or a pharmacy, one must follow the following steps.

  1. Firstly, one must have a pharmacy license.
  2. A minimum area of ten square meters is required to start a medical shop or a pharmacy or a medical wholesale outlet.
  • One needs to register for a drug license.
  1. One must have a tax registration and the establishment registration.
  2. The store must be equipped with a refrigerator. This is emphasized because many drugs like insulin, vaccines need to be stored in refrigerators.
  3. One must have proper storage space.

Attractive Names For Medical Shops


Medicine shop Names
Medicine shop Names

In every case, a name plays a very important role. It provides a coat of features that is embedded within. Therefore, in the case of medical shops too, proper selection of names is vital. Here’s a list of some attractive names of medical shops.

Urgent Below Drug Optegrity
Forest Pharma MedImpact OrthoBest Pharma
Adams Drugs Newday Drug Store Healthy Pharmacy
Buehler Pharmacy Little Sprout Pacific Medical
Beyond Health HealthDirect Gastroen Diagno
NuCare Pharmacy Skyline Vision Optics
Wellport Drugs Hahnemann Medico Spot Rx
Health Corner Alpina Pharmacy INC Downtown Pharmacy
Jaros Pharmacy wellpharma Discount Drugs
Pharmacy Alliance Premier Long Term Care Pharm MediCasa
Vista Pharmacy MediGood Union Center Pharmacy
Pride Medical Shop Drug Blend Life Pharmacy
Stanley’s Pharmacy Rocky’s Drug Nutrico
Health Power House Recovery Mod Pharmacy Neighborcare
Rxtra Mediserv Tru Script
Revco Discount Drugs The Rx Advocates Kings Pharmacy
Cherry Street Pharmacy Care Pharmacy Hastings RefillWise
Pharmanic Syngex Drugs Urgent Pharmacy
Wellworks Rejuvva Drugs DentoCare Medical Point
Hopify Pharma Randalls Food & Drug Smart Pharmacy
Gem Drugs Eastlake Pharmacy Pharma Foundation
Genovese Drug Store Health Chemist Gastrogen Pharma
Outpatient Pharmacy Hopify Drug Central Rx
Brennen Drugs Co Aliva Prescription 278 Pharmacy
Human care and beyond Capsule Divine Path Pharmcy
Thryo Expertise Classified Pharmacy MediCraft
Hudson Square Sexo Consulting Point Health Warehouse
Royal Care Pharmacy Well Blend Pharma First Hill Pharmacy
Grand Medicine Care Community Pharmacy Medify
Buy-Rite Pharmacy Rebirth Pharmacy Healthico

Different Names For Pharmacy

The Town Hall Pharmacy in Tallinn, Estonia which dates back to the 1422 century is the oldest continuously run pharmacy in the world. Pharmacy is the clinical health science that connects medical science with chemistry and it is charged with the discovery, disposal, production, and control of new effective drugs, medication. Here’s a list of some suitable pharmacy names that can be used while naming a medical shop or a pharmacy.

Union Center Pharmacy BroadJump Cadence Research & Consulting
Globe Pharmacy Wellwise Capital Medical Billing
Adams Drugs Spot Rx Maplewood Pharmacy
Recovery Mod Pharmacy Mixlab
Premier Long Term Care Pharm
Brennen Drugs Co Tru Script Thriftway Pharmacy
Pharmanic Modern Health Point Pasteur
Discount Drugs Friends & Family Pharmacy Healthy Pharmacy
18 Pharmacy Inc Best Care Pharmacy Well Blend Pharma
DentoCare Medical Point Skyline Sexo Consulting Point
MediCasa Fruth Pharmacy Pharmacy Channel
Wellworks Bioplus Specialty Grand Medicine
Central Rx Simple Meds The Pill Club
BeSure Pharmacy Union Center Pharmacy Louis and Clark Drug
Duane Reade Thryo Expertise First Hill Pharmacy
Medicines To Midnight Cedra Pharmacy Alpina Pharmacy INC
Rejuvva Drugs Fleming Pharma Assured Drug
Jaros Pharmacy Rebirth Pharmacy Aliva Prescription
Little Sprout Center Pharmacy Xpress Lane Pharmacy
Grand Health Hudson Square Pharma Best
Northwest Pharmacy Smart Recovery Point Pharmacy Stayiess
Rocky’s Drug Beyond Healthify Express Food & Pharmacy
Publix Pharmacy Classified Pharmacy Pacific Medical
90th Street Pharmacy Wellwise Family Drug Mart
New London Pharmacy Pharma Street Spot Rx
278 Pharmacy Healthico Discount Emporium
Gastrogen Pharma Wellness Craft All Health Pharmacy
Health Chemist Net Pharmacy Dakota Drug
City Drug Globe Pharmacy Outpatient Pharmacy
Health Power House SureMedi TrulyEffecto Pills
The Rx Advocates Wellbeing Drug Loft

Tips For Naming A Medical Shop

While naming a medical shop, one can keep the following points in their mind.

  • The medical shop can be named by the name of the owner.
  • The name must be short and easy to be remembered.
  • The medical shop can also be named on the location or place, where the shop is located.

We have provided you with a host of medical shop names. Follow the tips, and you will also find a suitable, attractive name for your own medical shop.