The desire for a healthy lifestyle and looking beautiful makes us spend a huge amount on various expensive products. But in the end, all the efforts take the shape of our experiments and experience.

So, tell us, can you say confidently that you know everything about every product you are using such as Multani Mitti Side Effects.

Pretty difficult to say right!

So, what’s the next sure shot solution?

We know what you are thinking, HOME REMEDIES.


And when talking about home remedies, how can we skip MULTANI MITTI.

But, are you sure, you know all about this magical clay? Do you think, it could have some side effects too?

We know, you don’t want to agree on that but trust us, every coin has two sides.

Hence, we would suggest you stay with us and keep reading to know all about your favourite, Multani Mitti.

After strong research, we have collected some of the major side effects of this Multani Mitti. Because we believe, half knowledge is always dangerous and you people deserve to know its pros as well as cons.

So, let’s get started!


 So, tell us do you really know What is Multani Mitti and what is Multani Mitti made of?


 To begin with, let us amaze you with some interesting and unknown facts about Multani Mitti

  • It was also discovered in the US (Florida) in 1939.
  • It is classified in sediment clays
  • The trick to identifying real Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is by its colour and smell. It is usually of cream to tan colour and has a fresh, muddy odour.
  • Its English name shows its historic importance.
  • In 2005, the United States was the largest producer of fuller’s earth.
  • It cannot be derived from glacial clay.

Fascinating Facts, right!

Well, with that we can say you need to know more, so, let’s explore.


The usage of Multani Mitti is so popular around the world due to its property to absorb any kind of oil without the use of harsh material. And the most common use of this magical clay is in beauty products.

Some people used it in pure form to get the good results and with that lot of times it has been asked Is it OK to apply Multani Mitti every day?

Let us tell you a well-established fact that excess of anything is very dangerous for human life. The same rule applies to Multani Mitti.

You cannot use Multani Mitti every day. If you do so you have to face many problems and these problems may become a great headache in future. Hence, use Multani Mitti only once or twice a week. If you have extremely dry skin then use it twice a month only.

If you are using Multani Mitti every day then we wish you stop it, after reading this particular section as we have reasons mentioned.

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What Is Multani Mitti Made Of?

Multani Mitti is made of essential nutrients and elements. It is totally chemical-free.


And, despite the fact that there are Multani Mitti benefits which are indeed popular globally, there are some Sid effects too that needs awareness too.

Hence, we will tell you what happens if you use the excess of clay or other side effects along with all the conditions. It will make your vision clearer and you may know all the possible side effects and use of Multani Mitti.

Are you excited?

So let’s start the piece of information.


Multani Mitti And Hair

Everyone knows why we use Multani Mitti.In case you don’t know, these are some of the Multani Mitti benefits for hair :

  • It deep conditioned the hair,
  • increase the blood circulation of the scalp,
  • clean all the dirt of scalp and make the hair strong.

Also, Multani Mitti paste along with other ingredients can give all these benefits to your hair.

Now the question arises if Multani Mitti gives all these benefits to hair then why someone does not use it? Or how it can give side effects to your hair. The answer to your question is given below:

  • Multani Mitti is known to absorb all the oil from scalp hence if you use more the thrice in a week, it will absorb all the oil of your scalp and make it dry.
  • Dryness leads to dandruff, which is a major problem.
  • The other problem is that Multani Mitti doesn’t suit everyone. In case if you are the one be ready to face the hair fall or other problems also.
  • Multani Mitti hydrates the hair which is good for curly hair. If in case you have hydrated hair already, it will make them more hydrates which further leads to hair fall.
  • The secondary side effect is that it is very difficult to wash all the clay from hair. Sometimes it gets stuck to the hair and doesn’t leave easily.

Do you still think how Multani Mitti is not beneficial for hair?

Multani Mitti and skin

You may have read that Multani Mitti is amazing for skin and it almost solves all the problems of the skin.

Multani Mitti and skin
Multani Mitti and skin

It clears the skin, cures the pimples, increases the blood circulation of face and makes it hydrated. Multani Mitti for oily skin is very good.

What if we tell you that it is half-knowledge only?

The truth is that it gives as many cons as it gives pros to our skin.

Side effects of Multani Mitti on the skin are given below:

  • If you have dry skin and you use extreme of Multani Mitti on your face then it absorbs all the oil from your skin and makes it even drier.
  • It may chap your skin and make it look uglier.
  • No doubt Multani Mitti for pimples is magical but it also doesn’t suit some people. Hence, it may cause more acne to such skins.
  • If in case you don’t get the pure Multani Mitti then it may prove worse on your skin. The dirt may react with your skin and make it worse.

These are the Multani Mitti face pack side effects.

Some people are fond of eating clay. This habit starts from our childhood and if not overcome by parents then the habit may continue to our adulthood also.

We all know that eating normal clay is very dangerous.

Concerning their health people used to ask everyone ‘Eating Multani Mitti is good or bad?

The most common answer you may receive is ‘yes, you can eat Multani Mitti’.

But this is a wrong answer that you are receiving. Eating Multani Mitti every day can cause many health problems.

The worst part is you cannot ignore all these problems otherwise it many become life threats.

Some of the side effects of eating Multani Mitti are given below:

  • Eating Lots of Multani Mitti can cause deficiency of essential elements in our body. The elements are mainly iron and potassium.
  • Other side effects of eating Multani Mitti are muscle weakness, intestinal blockage, skin sores.
  • Lead poisoning is also caused by eating an excess of Multani Mitti.
  • The other major health side effect stones. It can make stones in kidneys and even bladder.

Aren’t these side effects are strong enough to kill a person?

If you also used to eat lots of Multani Mitti then stop it right now otherwise, be ready to spend lots of money to pay the hospital bills.

These side effects only occur if you eat lots and lots of Multani Mitti. If you crave for this clay then you can eat once in a while.

Now if we talk about the benefits of Multani Mitti then most people think that Multani Mitti for skin whitening is magical.

But most people misunderstood this assumption and start using lots of Multani Mitti on their face which further leads to dryness and other problems.

Let us tell you that Multani Mitti cannot make a dark person look fair. Instead, it helps to remove the tan and clear out all the dirt of the skin.

In this way, it helps to keep your skin in its original tone. It will not do any magic and make you look fairer.

Hence, do not believe in rumours and reduce the use of Multani Mitti to look fair.

We know that you people want to know How to use Multani Mitti for fairness in a correct way.

To make the skin whitening pack of Multani Mitti make a paste of papaya and clay. Make the paste in an appropriate ratio.

You can do the same with coffee also.

Because papaya and coffee are considered as the best ingredients to remove the tan and dirt off your face.

Use these masks only once or twice a week. Otherwise, it starts to act oppositely.

Common mistakes during the use of Multani Mitti which leads to many side effects

Multani Mitti is not a harmful beauty product if used incorrect way.

There are so many common mistakes that we usually do while using the Multani Mitti. And these mistakes can cause some serious side effects.

Some of the mistakes are given below:

  • The first common mistake is the use of lemon and Multani Mitti on dry skin. Lemon and clay both can absorb the oil from your dry skin and make it chapped. Hence avoid these two things on dry skin.
  • Use of Multani Mitti and honey/oil on oily skin. It can make the skin even oilier and can grow lots of pimples.
  • Use of Multani Mitti and lemon in dandruff. It can make the scalp even drier and can create more dandruff. You can use curd instead of the lemon.
  • Use of Multani Mitti and lemon on sensitive pimple’s skin. It can cause redness and itching to your skin.
  • Use of Multani Mitti on wet hair.
  • Leaving Multani Mitti overnight on face and hair. Multani Mitti can be used as a natural cleanser instead of shampoo hence, it is not meant to leave overnight on hair.

These are some of the common mistakes that we usually do.

We hope you got all the described points and do not repeat these mistakes again to get the full benefits of clay and reduce the side effects.

Now along with the common mistakes, there are some myths about Multani Mitti. We can say there are certain rumours also.

People used to believe these rumours and bear the side effects.

There is a question that ‘Can Multani Mitti cause acne?

You will surely get the answer yes from everyone. But what if we say yes it can cause acne?

What happens? Are you surprised by our answer?

It is not important that if Multani Mitti gives you benefits than it should give benefit to everyone.

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It may give side effects to your friend.

Multani Mitti reacts with sensitive skin and can cause acne or other allergic pimples.

Hence, it is very important to do a patch test first. Whether you apply it your hair or skin always do a patch test first.

Apply a small amount of Multani Mitti to a patch of hair and skin and wait if any side effect occurs or not. If yes, then stop using it right there and if nor then go for it.

There are so many frequently asked questions about Multani Mitti. Some of the questions are given below:


  • Is it OK to apply Multani Mitti every day?

Answer- No, it cannot be used every day on your face or on your hair. If you do so it may start acting reversely and give you side effects.

  • Can we leave Multani Mitti on face overnight?

Answer- No, you cannot leave the Multani Mitti overnight on your face. Because in today’s world it is impossible to find the products in their purest form. Hence, do not take any risk and wash your face pack before you sleep.

  • Eating Multani mitti is good or bad?

Answer- Eating Multani Mitti is absolutely bad for human’s health. It may cause many diseases.

  • Can Multani mitti make our skin dry?

Answer- Yes, it can make your face dry if you use an excess of it. It can make your face dehydrated also.

  • Can we leave Multani Mitti on our face overnight?

Answer- No, it may be harmful to leave the Multani Mitti on hair overnight. It acts as a natural cleanser. Hence, if you leave it overnight on hair then it may cause some serious issues to your health.

Can we leave Multani Mitti on your face overnight?


No doubt Multani Mitt is pure bliss to human life. It can do multiple functions. But if it is not used with care then it may cause various side effects which can become life threats. All the side effects along with their conditions are mentioned above. There is hardly any side effect left to mention. It is very important you understand each and every fact carefully to reduce these side effects.

Don’t worry, apply Multani Mitti carefully and you do not have to bear these side effects.