Reasons to Buy Sustainable and Ethically Made Clothing

Whenever you plan to buy clothes, you would always look for the best and trendy brands on the clothing market right now. You will never run out of clothing choices, especially with their large stores you can find in malls and outlets. However, some prefer to get their clothes from businesses that have sustainable and ethically made clothing. 

What you need to know about ethical fashion is that all of the clothes are made with peace, and holism kept in mind. There are already many well-known stores selling ethically made clothing to people, like le stripe clothing. When you buy your clothes from ethical stores, expect to gain a few benefits that you might enjoy. 

Make a Positive Impact Within Your Environment

The world is slowly depleting resources, and it takes a long time for these resources to  regrow naturally. Large clothing companies need to outsource their resources to produce their clothes quickly, which is why they are consuming large quantities of it. This factor contributes to damaging the earth, which should not happen in the first place. 

This is what you call “fast fashion,” and it usually contributes to global CO2 emissions by at least 8%. They are also the first to be the largest earth polluters, while the oil industry falls second. Their process of making unethical clothes adds more to the existing problems the earth is experiencing, such as forest fires, abnormal weather phenomena, and sudden rising sea levels. 

Anyone can contribute to lessening environmental pollution by purchasing ethically made clothes. These clothes have materials that are sourced traditionally, meaning that no environmental damage was done to create them. The fabrics on the ethically-made garments do not have any harmful chemicals mixed into the process like pesticides found in fast fashion clothes. 

Instil Human Rights

Fast fashion has large factories containing thousands of workers creating clothes for the company. There have been some cases where these workers have been fatally killed due to an accident in a factory. An example is the Rana Plaza factory that killed 1,138 people back in 2013. Most of the people that died were garment workers, which shed light on how fashion workers are respected and treated very little. Some of these factory workers are also underpaid, which makes the entire situation even worse. 

Whereas with ethical fashion, workers are treated with respect and paid the correct amount for their labour. Companies that create ethically made clothing ensure that each worker is working comfortably, efficiently, and safely. Doing so, lets garment workers produce high-quality clothing, ensuring that every customer purchase is made with care and efficiency. 

Reducing Waste Significantly

Another good reason to buy ethical clothing is that it is usually made of recycled material, which means that unused clothing pieces will find their way back to the manufacturers and be redesigned or remade entirely differently. This saves a ton of money and resources for the manufacturers, which is a big help for their company. Most ethical clothing is designed with a classic, timeless style to ensure people can wear them without feeling embarrassed in public. 

With the many ethical clothing stores found in Australia like le stripe clothing, you will never run out of options when choosing one. They have the best styles and pattern designs that can fit any wearer’s overall clothing style. 


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