As expensive as vital medications are, it’s even more annoying when you need something that the FDA doesn’t consider a life or death need. These include things like health boosters, skincare and so forth.


Maybe you just feel your skin is too dry, or it has blemishes, or you live in a climate that cause you some form of irritation. Well, in the United States, actually effective products that can make this better are going to cost you a fortune.


However, Canadian pharmacies such as can potentially make this much cheaper, and also allow you to be much safer in choosing effective products that work for you.


Let’s talk a little bit about why these products are cheaper, and why businesses have to be so much more transparent about the effectiveness of various health and skin products in Canada.


Why are prices lower in Canada?


The truth is that they aren’t actually any cheaper in Canada. The price point is cheaper, but pharmaceutical companies charge the same in both countries, and both countries are faced with the same increased overhead due to importing overseas-manufactured goods. They also both have to offset the costs of inspection and tight control for the safety of their citizens, and no reduced price is worth the risk of unregulated medications coming into the country.


The real difference is the strategy in which they offset their costs, versus those of the United States. As a goal and political debates aside, it’s actually a fairly clever way to offset the cost. Where the price point directly reflects the entirety of the costs in the United States, the Canadian tax system offsets a large portion of the cost in Canada. So, in the long run, it’s not really that much cheaper for Canadians, though it is still slightly less than the United States.


However, this presents quite the loophole, given you’re not paying into Canadian taxes. Thus, including a slight increase due to importing the goods a second time, you can get your skin care and health care supplies considerably cheaper through a Canadian pharmacy.


Why is it safer?


Canadian law is different than American law when it comes to business practices. Were not going to debate ethics here, but they do have stricter regulations about effectiveness, side effects and ingredients in medications. Thus, where in the United States companies can indicate benefits to a product that aren’t necessarily true, they can’t really get away with this in Canada generally.


Thus, places like PricePro Pharmacy can indeed provide a financially safer channel to obtain your needs, and often a physically safer one as well.


What about legalities?


Buying medications from another country sounds illegal. However, as long as it’s something FDA approved and not a highly controlled substance, it is entirely legal to purchase your medications from any nation with which the United States has trade agreements. This absolutely includes our neighbor to the north, with whom we have a good political standing all around.


So, if you’re in need of skincare or health products, shopping Canada, where you can get a straighter answer on what works, and then get what you want much cheaper.