In the hustle-bustle of daily life, people don’t get time to catch up with friends and family members. Since the celebratory season is around the corner, why not plan something? You can host a dinner at your place, go on a lunch date, or throw a party at the beach. You can catch up with your friends while lounging in the sand and relaxing under the sun. Similarly, you can head over to Coachella to make some memories at the hilltop.

Hosting an outdoor party is exciting and a bit challenging. From deciding the menu, preparing guest lists, decoration, to making arrangements for guests – you have to plan everything. After all, throwing an outdoor party is a lot different from munching pasta with your colleagues on Saturday nights. Therefore, prepare a checklist of party essentials and do all the heavy lifting beforehand. If you are stressing over the arrangements, have a look below. Here is how to smartly plan an outdoor party with these preparations.

1.   Pick A Party Theme

In addition to bringing thrill to the party, selecting a theme makes party planning much more straightforward. It streamlines outdoor ideas and helps with décor selection. Are you wondering what theme to pick? You can either create a dress code – for instance, everyone wears black. Otherwise, you can relate it to holiday celebration – Halloween, 4th July, Easter, etc. Similarly, you can host a casino night, a Coachella themed party, or take a ride into the past with a 1950s dinner party. Once you have a theme in mind, focus on the party-essentials.

2.   Install Portable Restrooms

Before delving into decorations, make all necessary preparations. Outdoor locations don’t have toilets nearby, especially if you are at the beach. Instead of making guests travel back to the hut to use restrooms, rent portable toilets. There are different types of porta potties for rent in Portland, OR, if you plan to have a party in that area. These portable toilets are super clean, equipped with bathroom facilities, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. Moreover, they have a relatively flexible size, which means they won’t take up a lot of space in your party. You can place them in one corner and enjoy the party.

3.   Plan Your Menu

Believe it or not, the food that you serve makes all the difference in a party. Delicious food leaves happy guests, making them remember the occasion. In addition to looking at the other aspects of the party, give special attention to menu selection. If you are preparing the food, give yourself time to shop for the ingredients. However, if you are hiring caterers, plan at least one month to have proper food tasting sessions. Remember, guests won’t care if your casseroles are perfectly shaped or not, so don’t stress over pity things. Instead, focus on the taste and enjoy yourself.

4.   Prepare A Signature Cocktail

These days, parties are incomplete without drinks. So, why not treat guests with a signature cocktail? Find something that aligns with your party theme and doesn’t add to your workload. Therefore, make sure the cocktails are easy to prepare so that you can make in large batches before the party starts. Also, don’t forget about your non-alcoholic friends and prepare another cocktail version to cater to everyone. If you can’t decide, sangria is always the best choice when it comes to choosing mocktails. You would need some red wine, orange juice, chopped fruits, and rum. If fruits are sour, add some sugar to sweeten the taste.

5.   Entertain Guests with Music & Games

As adults, no one would be expecting action-packed games or treasure hunts. Everyone would use this as an opportunity to mingle and have thought-provoking conversations with others. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with some entertainment. If you have sufficient outdoor space, install spotlights, and get speakers to have fun dancing night. Likewise, you can plan some informal activities – play charades, karaoke, etc. Guests would thoroughly enjoy these activities since busy routines don’t make time for such things.

6.   Arrange Heating & Cooling Systems

Portland’s weather is the perfect fit for outdoor parties at any time of the year, but the weather is a bit unpredictable too. In summers, you might see people drowning in sweat, while the cold winter winds can make them shiver. As a good host, you have to make guests feel comfortable throughout the party. Thus, consider installing a portable heating or cooling system to set up an adequate outdoor area temperature. Otherwise, you can rent patio heaters or invest in outdoor fans to make perfect arrangements.

7.   Thank Guests with Giveaways

Usually, thankyou gifts don’t make it to the list of outdoor party ideas, but it is an incredible gesture. These gifts thank people for their time while making them remember this special day. You can give out souvenirs, keychains, sweets, or anything memorable. Similarly, you can offer mason jars full of candies or some craft supplies. Remember, party favors don’t have to be expensive, preferably something personal and valuable.

Final Thoughts,

Initially, hosting an outdoor party seems challenging since you have to make countless arrangements. If you plan, everything will start falling into place. From booking the caterers, sending out invites, to selecting the theme – don’t leave anything for the last minute. In addition to necessary preparations, think about having a zero-waste, environment-friendly party. Also, prepare yourself for all unexpected things – power outage, rain showers, and arrange backup options in advance.