Karaoke can serve as a great time passer if you have your friends coming over to your house. Karaoke has never disappointed people because it brings people together while ensuring that they are having a great time.

So if you are planning to throw a party, you can always introduce the karaoke into the mix. What do you have to do? Don’t worry, there are many apps that will help you have a good night. 

What do you need to throw a karaoke night? 

If you are thinking of throwing a karaoke party then you will need a few items that could help you gain the momentum that you need. All you need is three items. 

Start the Party by downloading Any one of this Karaoke software on Your PC
Start the Party by downloading Any one of this Karaoke software on Your PC
  • Mic
  • A speaker so that the sound can be heard loud and clear. 
  • Free karaoke singing app

If you are thinking that there are not any karaoke apps that are not free then you are wrong. There are many apps that provide the best possible service when it comes to singing apps. This time we will talk about that kind of app while providing a high outlier on the app. 

One app that has been going on over the years that everyone has been downloading for a long time is KaraFun. Many users have dropped their views on the application and the usage of it.

The Karafun review speaks for itself. It is widely downloaded in the windows operated computer. The system is very good and user friendly. So you don’t have to make a fuss about how to use it. 

Some of the features that they provide are 28000 studio-quality karaoke songs from which you can save to favorites. You can even track the history of tracks that were played, you can have the songs synced offline so that you can listen to it when there is no internet. 

It also offers a dual video system which means the turning of the computer into a karaoke machine will work for your benefits. You can even create files to use them more easily. KaraFun is known as the Best karaoke soft that many uses because of the features they provide and the easy to use interface. 

How much does karafun cost? 

One of the most asked questions that the user asks is how much does this application costs but here is the twist. The application costs nothing because it is free. There are some other applications that you can use too. They are written below. 

Some Karaoke applications for PC: 

There are some applications that you can install on the PC which you can further use when there is a huge party or a get-together in your house. So all you have to do in order to retain the fun that one seeks in the karaoke parlor is to just download an app that can be run on your PC.

If you don’t want to use that on your mobile you can easily use the system on your PC. All these applications can be downloaded on your PC for more fun. 

  • PC DJ karaoke: The application is the best in the market as you can see by the name of the application that it provides the best of both worlds, that of karaoke and of disco. If you want to maintain the fun that one has in an electric setting along with the karaoke then download this app on your PC.  

The structure is pretty easy to use and they provide features such as singer rotation, you can watch your history, you can gain control via key control, and screen display is also the main aspect of it. Along with this cloud, integration is also an option.

You will get the option to configure the colors for your menu, you will get a lock screen so that it won’t move. You can also drag and drop the loading system. The app is totally fun. 

Start the Party by downloading Any one of this Karaoke software on Your PC
Start the Party by downloading Any one of this Karaoke software on Your PC
  • Kanto karaoke: Like the PC DJ karaoke, it will provide you with a host of features that will set the mood right beautifully. Some important features are offering formats like MP3, KAR, and others which makes it easier and opens a wide range of services.
  • Along with that,  it also assists you with the video formats, you can record the songs in your voice and even you can record the performances so that you can use it later. 

You can transform the data from your PC to another device. Along with that, it comes with a high volume microphone. You can create a playlist in the karaoke and choose whatever you want. You can add some background jeering to make it more fun. 

  • Karaoke builder player: It is one of the other karaoke applications that let you use the function of karaoke without any restriction. Some of the features that it has that CD+G, MP3+G, and Audio+G files can be played in this player. One Can play ZIP files too without transferring it. you can adjust the speed of the playback accordingly. 

You can even modify the key/pitch. It is free of cost and you can modify the sound too. You can make a shortcut version of it on the desktop to access it easily. The drag and drop system is also available. 

  • One karaoke: This particular application on your phone will help you to make memories of the parties. Some of the features allow you to run any category of files. You can even manage the songs accordingly.
  • The system supports files such as MP3, WMV, WMA, AVI, among others. the system can be added with the wireless hardware as it allows you to operate it at your will. You don’t have to worry about anything else. 

Some Karaoke apps for Mac: 

But what if you have a mac? Don’t worry, there will be some of the apps that you can install on your Mac so that you can have fun on karaoke night. 

  • Kjams: It is an application that can be used on the mac. Trust me, if you are thinking of making the most of the evening then it is the best one to have. This particular application allows you to make sure that you can download the songs that you like. You can even make it public and share it among other iOS devices. 

The downloaded songs can be played on the Mac without any interruption. You just have to process it. Basically, the application is applicable to any iOS system. 

  • iStar: This particular application is also one of those which you can use blindly for your karaoke night. It is already available on the Mac so you don’t have to worry about downloading and finding a suitable one. You just have to import the music that you want to feature on your karaoke night. 

After importing it, you can create a playlist. The interface of the application is quite easy to use. The features are just remarkably the best with a user-friendly featurette. So you can enjoy the program uninterruptedly. 

  • TunePrompter: This particular software is the one that allows you to make your own tune as it is very easy to use and the interface makes it possible to do it. The interface is very easy which is why it has become relatively easy to do it. You can ship off the tunes you made to any of your other iOS devices which makes it more fun. 

You can even make your own karaoke videos which can be shared in other iOS devices. It allows the user to search the song but it can also search the songs in no time, saving so many worthy precision movements with your friends. 

  • KaraTunes: It is one of those tunes which makes the whole thing very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about which apps you have to install. You can edit and create your own playlist.

You can add songs easily and remove them easily too. You can video the whole performance and can upload it anywhere. You can search for the songs that you want and apply there. 

These are some of the free.kar players that you can use on your Mac and Windows too. Just install it and it will be fun to even have such a thing on your computer ready to execute whenever you need it. 

Use YouTube: 

However, if you don’t want to use or install any kind of application on your computer or Mac then you can simply turn YouTube into a karaoke application. YouTube has a section where you can simply search songs by the genre that have lyrics attached to the video, simply known as lyrical video. You can perform them. 

How to use the YouTube karaoke songs with lyrics free download?

When you choose to use youtube to download the lyrics, you can simply do it in the following way. 

  • Download the 4k video downloader and install it. This particular system is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. 
  • Now open youtube. 
  • Now go to the search bar
  • Type the name of the song that you want to download and add ‘karaoke’ after it. 
  • Click on the video to open it.
  • Copy the URL
  • Exit youtube
  • Now open the 4k video downloader 
  • Copy-paste the URL
  • Now choose the quality that you want it to be played on. 
  • Now click on download. 
Start the Party by downloading Any one of this Karaoke software on Your PC
Start the Party by downloading Any one of this Karaoke software on Your PC

That’s all you have to do to have the Karaoke songs free download with lyrics. It’s not a big deal. YouTube is the host that has many types of karaoke songs available and the wide range of songs that they provide has turned YouTube into one of the most used karaoke machines too. 

Start the Party by downloading Any one of this Karaoke software on Your PC Discussion
What do you need to throw a karaoke night? The karaoke app, a computer, and a mic.
How much does karafun cost? It’s totally free.
Some Karaoke applications for PC Karafun, one karaoke are some of them.
Some Karaoke apps for Mac KaraTunes, TunePrompeters are some of them
How to use the YouTube karaoke songs with lyrics free download? The whole process has been written there. Please read to know.


Karaoke night is the best way to socialize and get the party going. If you have people coming over your house, all you have to do is just download one of the software on your computer or Mac to start the party. Enjoy.