Did you know stress and burnout from the pandemic can cause you to feel unmotivated for work? People everywhere feel completely drained out. If you need help reinvigorating your workspace, we’re here to help.

This guide teaches you about important small changes to make so you’ll have a productive workspace. You can improve productivity and get rid of subtle distractions.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

What Space Do You Have?

First, assess your current workspace. Is it cluttered or noisy? What are some changes that you can make?

If you work at a larger office, ask your manager what things you can change in your space. Would you like to try out a standing desk? Ask them if they would be able to get you a more ergonomic set-up.

Consider Creating Work Zone

Remote workers should look at creating a separate workspace. Otherwise, you could work all over your home and not have a sense of place.

Also, it’s essential to create different areas in your home office. Instead of having one desk and chair, look at setting up a reading nook near a window. Choose a comfortable chair and set up a coffee station near it.

When you feel like you’re ready for a break, you can zone out for a bit. Stare outside in nature, or add a few plants to your surroundings. Having a break will be enough to recharge you for your following work tasks.

Pick Up Artwork

Get some artwork and put them in aesthetic frames. Sometimes, people hang up motivational artwork on their walls. Choose something that will inspire you and make you feel excited to work.

Try not to choose something that will make you feel unfocused or distracted.

Begin Decluttering Your Office

To focus properly, you need to spend some time decluttering your office. Clutter and chaos will make it a challenge to focus. You won’t be able to be productive.

You should keep your office space neat. Get rid of the clutter, and tuck away any wires and cables.

People often get distracted by piles of unfiled paperwork or scattered books. Keep items that you need each day. Avoid filling your office full of items you won’t ever touch.

Use a Work Fragrance

This is a unique and specific tip, but it works. Add a scent to your home office to help you when you’re unmotivated. For example, you might use lavender essential oil in your diffuser at night to relax.

For your office, pick up something that could help promote clear thinking. Peppermint or rosemary are top choices. Scent can influence your mood, so why not try it out and see what works?

You Should Move Around During the Day

Many people remain focused for long periods because they take short walks or breaks. The short break provides people with the breakthrough they need in their work tasks.

If you work from home, you could look into investing in a standing desk. This way, you can change positions and move around during the workday.

If you have a lunch break, try going for a walk. Go outside for some fresh air and vitamin D.

Pick Up a Few Plants

Plants will help improve workplace productivity, according to researchers.

Plants will help make an environment feel more productive. The different greenery could motivate you, produce cleaner air, and add an aesthetic appeal. Pick up a variety of different plants.

Set Aside Certain Technology

Tablets, gadgets, and phones can often become a distraction. Many people waste time scrolling through their social media feeds or end up on a rabbit trail on YouTube.

To prevent wasted time on technology, you should set up perimeters around when you use them. For instance, consider setting your phone in a different room during your workday.

During your short break, you could check it. If you need it for work, only check it when a work call or text appears.

Many screens compete for our attention, making it easy to get distracted. Keep the devices in a specific spot so you don’t get overwhelmed by notifications.

However, there are some productivity apps that people find quite helpful. Do you have an unending to-do list? Consider checking out a task prioritization software.

Some people will also use time-tracking software. They will work in sprints of 20 minutes on a task. Then, they will take a short break. Find out what works for you.

Clean Your Space Regularly

Do you notice your area’s quite messy after a long workday? Avoid the temptation of planning to deal with it in the morning.

You’ll lose productivity time in the morning trying to organize the mess from the day before.

Give yourself a few minutes to start tidying up the space at the end of your workday. Create a straightforward organization system that suits your personality.

Also, consider making a quick to-do list for the next day. Writing it down at the end of the workday will help you avoid forgetting any essential items. This way, you’ll remember what you need to do.

You Can Have a Productive Workspace

We hope this guide on how to create a productive workspace was helpful. Create a productive work environment with a few tips. Bring in vibrant plants, tidy up your office, and hide distractions.

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