Wondering what companies are in the basic industries field? The best companies in the basic industries field are- Cargill, Chevron Corporation, Procter and Gamble Company, International Paper, DuPont de Nemours, PPG Industries, Newmont Mining Corporation, Masco Corporation, Sealed Air Corporation, Rudolph & Sletten and so on. 

Basic industries are such types of industries that primarily provide raw materials to finished products industries. They usually handle the invention, development, and retain trade of several raw materials such as iron, wood, paper and even non-metallic minerals. 

Here, we will discuss about companies that are in the basic industries field and various other aspects of them.

Top Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field

We have listed the top 10 companies that are in the basic industries field. Choose your career path in them after considering the specifications that we will discuss here-


Cargill is a huge contributor to the agriculture industry and pulls an annual revenue of $134 billion. It has about 155,000 employees currently and its major operations deal with animal nutrition, food ingredients, bio-industrial solutions and an extremely successful agriculture supply chain. 

The employees are scattered across various business industries within the company. See, their website for more details about Cargill and the job availability.

Chevron Corporation

It is the leading company in the energy industry. It largely focuses on manufacturing and transportation of oil in order to fulfil the growing energy demands. It produces annual revenue of $159 billion and has about 47,740 employees. It is the nation’s leading contributor to the energy sector. It is a California-based company.

You can also attempt to work here as an engineer, human resource officer, in sales, finance or even IT.

Procter & Gamble

It is a global company that is behind multiple successful brands of beauty, grooming, fabric, homecare, feminine and family care. It is present across 73 countries and developed 60 major brands. It produces about $73 billion in annual revenue. It will provide you with the opportunity to work as a student or professional

International Paper

It is a world producer of pulp, paper products and renewable fibre-based packaging. It also produces pulp used for making diapers, tissues, and other hygiene products. It makes an annual revenue of about $21 billion and has employed about 50,000 employees.

It also gives various kinds of job opportunities including maintenance electricians, forklift operators, technicians and so on. It is one of the most ethical and most sustainable companies. 

what companies are in the basic industries field?

DuPont de Nemours

This was originally founded in 1802 but underwent several upgrades and became a leader in the basic industries field. It produces various kinds of raw materials for brands such as Krypton, Cyrel, Delrin, Great Stuff and so on. It produces annual revenue of $20 billion and has employed about 23,000 employees. 

Here, you can apply for jobs in engineering, health and safety, IT, manufacturing, marketing and supply chain. So join the company based on your requirements and its job availability.

what companies are in the basic industries field

PPG Industries

 It is a Fortune 200 company that specializes in the manufacturing of diverse products such as paints, coating, optical products, and other speciality materials. It earns about $14 billion annually and employs about 47,000 employees currently. 

It primarily manufactures finished goods and also distributes raw materials and other supplies through its purchasing and logistics department.

Also, it employs people who work in sales production, supply chain and engineering. It is spread around 70 different countries of the world and is progressing wonderfully.

Newmont Mining Corporation

It is the largest producer of gold in the world. Apart from that it also produces copper, zinc, lead and silver. It earns about $11 billion annually and employs about 14,300 employees.

It largely focuses o quality, talent, and creating relationships. They have branches in North America, Australia, South America and Africa. 

It has won several awards and honours for its ethical and environmental practices. They also provide their employees paid leaves, holidays, retirement and saving plans and even funeral assistance. This is not found in such multinational basic industries around the world every day. 

what companies are in the basic industries field?

Masco Corporation 

It was founded in 1929 and primarily focuses on design and construction through the manufacture and distribution of home improvements and other construction products. It earns revenue of $7 billion and has about 18,000 employees that work there. 

The major Masco brands involve BrassCraft, Delta, Cobra, FrankinBrass and so on. You can apply here as a milling operator, paints specialist, technician and many more to look forward to. 

what companies are in the basic industries field?

Sealed Air Corporation

It is a company that deals in business services that are largely based on packaging solutions. This company not only earns a revenue of $ 5 billion and also employs about 16,500 people.

It serves the health, food packaging and equipment for automation industries. It will provide you jobs in HR, accounting, customer service, communications etc.

what companies are in the basic industries field

Rudolph & Sletten

It is a construction-based engineering company that is 60 years old. It is primarily known for developing popular landmarks such s Monetary Bay Aquarium, Wheeler hospital, and the Stanford Keck Science building. 

It earns about $650 million in annual revenue and employs about 501-1,000 people. You can think of joining the company based on your qualifications and job demand. You will not regret joining this company.  

what companies are in the basic industries field

How To Get A Job In The Basic Industries Field?

It is a challenging process to get a job in the Basic Industries and it requires very good preparation and understanding of the field. You also need to pursue the proper education and learn skills that are relevant to the position. 

Let us now look at this step-by-step guide to find out how to get a job in Basic Industries Field.

  1. Decide which type of basic industry you’re interested in- There are diverse types of basic industry companies. You need to research these sectors, understand all these companies and select the one that matches your interests. 
  2. Pursue the right education- As you choose a particular sector that matches your career path, you can pursue the right education for it. Some popular careers include horticulturalists, engineers, agronomists, health care industry workers, steel fabricators and so on. Certain jobs only require entry-level qualifications.
  3. Network- Networking is extremely essential, as it helps to create beneficial relationships and meet people who also work in the same industry. You’re required to attend seminars, workshops and events that revolve around basic industries. You can also learn to network through work profiles on LinkedIn and GitHub.
  4. Specialize your resume- The resume you make is the most important factor in your success in any job interview. As a result, make your resume extremely attractive to match each and every job application. Make sure you do your research and include skills that are specific to the chosen industry.
  5. Boost your confidence- If you want to achieve success in the basic industries field, the most important asset is your confidence. You need to prepare yourself extremely well so that you can answer all the questions confidently to show your preparedness for the job. Also, make sure you know and understand the potential role that you’re supposed to play.

Here are some of the vital features that you need to embrace if you are serious and want to get a job in the basic industries field. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Basic Industries?

There are certain common characteristics in relation to all these types of industries. Despite the diverse variety of products and services that are provided they have a few things in common. 

Here are the characteristics of basic industries-

  1. Raw Materials-  All of these industries or at least the vast majority of these industries are primarily characterized by working from different raw materials in their initial phase.
  2. Semi-finished products- These industries do not produce any finished goods or products, in fact, they do not supply to the market. They are in charge of producing semi-finished products for other industries and can then use them to manufacture the finished products.
  3. Big investments and less competition- All basic industries are dedicated to producing heavy machinery and therefore, the basic investment is extremely high. As a result, very less companies are even interested in entering this market as it’s extremely difficult to afford and even the competition is scarce.
  4. Highly Qualified Staff- Many other industries of other sectors can roll on and function with personnel of all skill levels. On the contrary, all workers in this industry must be highly trained and skilled to function efficiently.
  5. Environmental Impact- As a result of the amount of waste basic industries generate, the gases released into the air or waste that ends up in rivers are the industries that can create the most risk in the environmental field. 

These characteristics are almost universal in every part of the world across all basic industries. Basic industries are small in numbers but they are the most vital part of any civilized society.

The importance of basic industries in any society is irreplaceable, in fact, our entire lives depend on these industries and their prospect in the world.



Why Is Rudolph And Sletten A Good Place To Work?

Rudolph and Sletten is a great place to work for several reasons. It has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on the rating of anonymous employees. 

In fact, if you are looking for an exciting and challenging environment to work in, where you will be able to bring innovative thinking to make unique and exciting building projects, your ideal choice will be Rudolph and Sletten. It also provides wellness benefits, retirement plans and paid vacations and holidays.

It is also known for its great family-like and supportive culture. It also offers great pay to its employees, growth opportunities, training support and associated benefits. 

Rudolph and Sletten is a privately owned company and is the second-largest baking powder manufacturer in the world. Its fame and popularity are beyond explanation, and therefore you can aim for working here without any hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Job Opportunities In The Basic Industries?

Basic industries are filled with multiple job opportunities. Depending on the sector, your education and your aspiration you need to apply for jobs in basic industries. The jobs in basic industries are dependent upon the type of industry you want to work in.

Here is a list of job designations and opportunities that you can find in Basic Industries-

  • Agronomist
  • Horticulturalist
  • Petroleum Geologist
  • Drilling Engineer.
  • Metallurgist
  • Occupational Health and Safety Professionals
  • Steel Fabricator
  • Steel Worker
  • Soil and Plant Scientist
  • Food Scientist
  • Animal Scientist
  • Farm manager
  • Agricultural Engineer

These are some of the professions that we could name at this moment. Apart from these, there are several other jobs in this sector. 


What Are Basic Industries Give An Example Of 3 Marks?

Basic Industries are those industries that supply the major raw materials to the manufacturers for the production and preparation of finished goods. These basic industries are the pillars of manufacturing and without them, everything that we use in our daily life to live conveniently will not be produced. 

These are also called large-scale industries that form the basis of every finished good producing industry or unit.

Some of the major industries that are prime examples of basic industries are- Iron and Steel, Copper smelting, aluminium smelting and such industries.  

What Is An Example Of A Nonbasic Industry?

Firstly you need to understand that Non-basic industries consist of essentially small businesses that sell their products to local customers including both basic and non-basic businesses. It is widely different from basic industries as they deal in heavy material and service industries.

Certain examples of non-basic industries are- diners, service companies, small consuming companies and even convenience stores. These are local businesses that are involved in