When it comes to ensuring the protection of products, the packaging is always there to help the businesses. Although there are bundles of unique packaging formats available in the market, cardboard packaging remains the dream choice for the majority of businesses. These boxes are highly versatile in nature and can provide a bundle of benefits to the brands. There is also a variety of unique and innovative printing and coating options available for the design that can help in elevating the protection and feel of the packaging.

An Overview

Without any doubt, the packaging is the utmost important tool for businesses to ensure the protection of the products in addition to ultimate promotion for the brand. The traditional packaging designs were only there to protect the products and lacked the promotional characteristics as the technology back then was not effective enough, but the advancements in printing and packaging technology have now enabled the businesses to use packaging as their basic marketing tool.

Now the packaging is an integral part of any business’s marketing theme, and it provides a bundle of benefits to them. Businesses are now always looking for packaging companies near me to get the quality packaging at low rates in addition to elevating their sales and profits in the market.

The new and innovative designs of custom boxes in the market are perfect for such business owners as they provide them competitive advantages both over marketing and protection of the goods. These boxes are manufactured of high-quality cardboard and Kraft materials that can be customized and printed in any desired format. The material used in these boxes is highly pliable and can be cut and molded into any required shape and size depending upon the needs of the products.

Printing box technology for these boxes also has evolved, and they can now be printed using digital and offset formats both in CMYK and digital printing. There are also ultimate lamination options available for the design that can help to enrich the feel of the packaging along with enhancing the protective nature. These finishing options are also perfect as they help in a bundle of other functions.

Why laminate the packaging?

Product manufacturers are always looking for box manufacturers near me who can provide them with the perfect packaging supplies that are laminated with creative and exotic coatings. These veneer coatings are always perfect for keeping the visuals of the design alluring, along with providing the businesses with a bundle of benefits. They have the ability to make even the simplest design alluring in front of the consumers and can also elevate the feel of the product packaging. They also help the packaging to be scratch and moisture resistant along with a bundle of other benefits. Some of the unique functions of these laminates are

  • They enable the sealing characteristics of the packaging
  • Makes the boxes look more attractive and alluring
  • Elevate the functional nature of the packaging along with enhancing the shelf life of food packaging
  • Keeps the risks of scratching and wear and tear to printing away
  • Helps to elevate the strength of packaging compared to non-laminated one

There are a number of lamination possibilities available for custom printed packaging that can be used depending upon the requirements.

Type of laminations

As the packaging design is manufactured with cardboard materials, they are highly versatile and pliable. They can be laminated with a number of different options depending upon the requirements of the design. Some coating options are there to protect the placed products from damaging and contaminating factors, while others are to protect the printing and elevating the feel of the design. Here are some of the common laminates that are used for cardboard packaging

  • Gloss laminate
  • Matte coating
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Polypropylene film (OPP)
  • Polyester film (PET)
  • Nylon film
  • Acrylic film
  • Texture finish
  • Anti-scruff laminate (Anti-scratch finish)

Why is anti scruff laminate famous among consumers?

Every business owner is looking at the internet for a box company near me that can provide highly functional packaging with anti-scratch coating on it as the finishing option is perfect for providing a bundle of benefits. The finishing option can make even cheap custom boxes look premium and help the businesses to elevate the sales of their products. It also provides vivid visuals to the packaging design and elevates the market exposure for branded products. Here are the basic reasons behind the success of design in the market.

Increased protection and durability

All the big brands in the market highly valued anti-scratch coating for their product packaging as the format provides elevated protective characteristics to the packaging. It helps to elevate the structural integrity of the packaging along with omitting the risks of scratches and cracks on the printed details. These options are highly effective for the folding cartons as the fatigue on the scored or perforated part can otherwise result in the fading of printing. Such a custom printed shipping box can be lined with the film from both inside and outside for esthetics and functional purposes. Moreover, the design also provides packaging protection against moisture and damper.

Interactive and alluring visibility

The competition in the market for the sales of products is elevating day by day, and businesses are always looking for effective tactics to elevate their sales and profits. These coating and finishes provided by thecustomboxes.com online packaging suppliers can be highly effective in helping the businesses in an attempt to elevate the vivid presentation of the products in front of the consumers.

These laminates are perfect for providing the packaging with vivid visibility and can help to ensure exposure to products on the market and, ultimately, better sales in the society. Businesses can also use printing options to elevate the appeal of their packaging by use of innovatively designed graphics and illustrations in addition to their logo and then use the coating option to make a distinct impression on the minds of consumers.