Is zedge safe to use? Click to know the answer.

Zedge is the best application for downloading wallpapers and ringtones.

However many users have claimed that Zedge may be harmful to your device as Google Play Store has confirmed that the app carries some harmful elements which upon downloading may harm your device. Many users ask the same question, again and again, that is, “Is zedge safe?”

What is the zedge app?

Before we jump into the whole conversation whether this app is good or not, we should discuss a thorough background of this app so that you can understand it better. The app is a legal application found in iOS, Android, and google play store.

The authenticated version of the application allows the users who download it to customize their devices accordingly. The application offers a wide range of ringtones, wallpapers, themes, etc which could be downloaded through the respective stores.

Statistics report shared by the owner of the application has claimed that more than 30 million people have downloaded this application mostly because of the varied offers. The application garnered attention because of the interface and its services, however, it was taken down from the google store owing to some problems that we will discuss later.

Is zedge safe to use? Click to know the answer.
                                                      Is zedge safe to use? Click to know the answer.

Why does the play store give warning while downloading the Zedge free ringtones app?

The main reason why you can see the store giving warnings when trying to download the app is that it is trying to save your device from further damage. The Play store might have sent out the notification that it is harmful to your device because an update, which could either be to Android or the app itself developed a security vulnerability in the application.

If not that then there is a chance that the application is vulnerable to other exploitation that was discovered by the play store. The application zedge was not flagged down rather it was removed from the play store which made its way to the application after the cause was resolved.

Is the Zedge app unsafe?

More than 35 million saw the application they loved taken down from the play store owing to.some difficulty. Google flagging the application as unsafe raised a common question in the mind of the users who didn’t install it, ‘Is zedge safe 2019?’

The answer lies in the problem. Zedge application is coming from a reputed company that doesn’t create a shady app full of malfunctions but after the launch of the application, there were some bugs reported in the system.

The developers of the edge application came forward and said that the application has detected malware in their system. The application was removed from the play store owing to the malware detection. In twitter, the developers of the edge application have claimed that it is due to the appearance of bugs that caused the application to break down.

Apart from the malware detection by the developers of the application, no other reason has been told or shared instantly.

However, there might be some other issue at play here behind the application which had garnered so many devotees all these years. About the removal of the applications, the developers have claimed that it is because the application has been bugged and is why it is removed.

The source of the big is unknown and hasn’t been revealed. This raises the question of whether the application is hazardous to the user’s phone or not. Before the bug detection, the application showed no appearance of harming the device, neither behaved abnormally.

All of a sudden the application was removed by the store along with a clarification that it was due to the bug why it got removed however lack of knowledge on the source of the bug raises another big question.

Could the unknown source be hazardous to the device that it is installed in? If there is a malware detected in the application, then it would have been stated by the developers. So maybe there is nothing wrong apart from the detection of a bug in the system. After the removal of the application, the application has made its way again in the play store.

Is the application alright?

Is Zedge harmful or not is a question that wasn’t cleared when the application made its debut again in the play store. They added the application later after being flagged down by the play store but whether it is safe or not is a question that remains unanswered. Only the current users who are using it can answer that.

Is zedge safe to use? Click to know the answer.
Is zedge safe to use? Click to know the answer.

How to make sure that the edge application you have downloaded is alright?

If you are thinking of downloading the application again on your device then there is a way to ensure that it doesn’t harm your device. It has been used by many users and they have confirmed the authentication of the tips.

  • If you want to download the application then you have to download it from play store or iOS. Downloading directly from the store will help you dodge the problem of getting your device infected with bugs. If there is a problem remaining then the application will be taken down immediately.

  • Do not download the app from a third-party application or site the big could be in the third party site which could infect your device and make it unstable. So downloading it from a third-party application is a big no-no. It is very easy to infect your phone through the third party site. Through that site, the application may harm your device.


The application zedge which offers free wallpaper, ringtones, and themes along with games was taken down due to some big issues raising the question ‘is Zedge app harmful?’ In the mind of the users. The question remains unanswered however it can be resolved.

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