I used to wonder why so many health gurus and fitness experts who preached drinking plenty of water every day said what they did about the importance of drinking water for weight loss.

I mean, other than maybe making you feel a little fuller when you drink it with foods, why would water be an important part to losing excess weight, and managing to keep a healthy weight maintained?

Well, apparently the tasteless, odorless and colorless liquid has a lot to offer the human body when it comes to our natural abilities to maintain a healthy weight and be active and energetic.  Water, for me, is something that I can’t live without a lot of.

I’ve never been one of those people who have to force myself to drink water because I favor soda and sugary (or alternatively sweetened) drinks. I’ve always needed water to make me feel 100% hyrdated. That’s never been an option for me. 

I feel like I’m not hydrated if I drink something that’s even reallly refreshing, like lemonade, without also drinking water in between because water is really just pure hydration.

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Hydration is its only purpose!  But water also serves an important purpose when it comes to keeping the metabolism going. It’s a purpose that is not as well known as all of its other uses. 

Water actually enable the muscle fibers to contract, so this in turn allows our bodies to burn more calories at all times, since muscle expenditure is usually required for calorie burning activity.

Weight Loss

Without water, our muscles are not able to contract correctly, and they cannot therefore burn as many calories as they could without water, the great enabler. 

One of water’s main purposes is also to coninuously help the body cleanse itself and rid itself of toxins via the kidneys and other vital organs.

Without water, the kidneys cannot function properly, and therefore cannot properly filter the blood and keep us healthy.

I remember one time I got so dehydrated, that my kidneys literally hurt.  That’s how I figured out how vitally important kidneys and water were to helping filter out the imprurities that our bodies are hit with every day.

As far as weight loss goes, water will also keep your metabolism running.  It helps stave off hunger pains as well, so water is a VERY useful tool when you are trying to drop weight. I always keep tons of water handy when I’m trying to drop a few sizes,

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