Why should You wear Wet socks to Bed?

Whenever we heard something like putting on wet socks or potato in socks while sleeping, we remember how our grandma used to believe in all these and maybe tried all of these when we were kids. If that’s the scenario with you as well then you do not have to miss your grandma for these amazing hacks. Nowadays, you will get them on the internet and various social media because people are sick of medicine and they are more likely to try natural ways.

Natural ways might take a bit time to work but they are absolutely harmless and you know that you can not beat that. Not only you but to be honest no other medicine can beat the goodness of a natural remedy. Hence, we have put our hands down to the wet socks for so many reasons. You might have tried this hack before or not, but this will woo you too. Sleeping With Wet Socks has some amazing benefits that you can not even imagine and they are so good.

Wet Socks Treatment:

Wearing Wet Socks To Bed is an amazing way to not only get rid of cold but a few other things as well. If you are wondering how it works then let me tell you, wearing wet socks to bed will increase your circulation as well as regulate your temperature. And regulating your temperature means it will stimulate your immune system so that you can aid digestion, sleep really well, cure a hangover, as to relieve pain.

But, you will be needing a pair of woolen socks as well as a pair of cotton socks. You need a good quality of sleep otherwise you can never feel energetic all day long, you must have noticed that? Well, getting sick that too when the outbreak of COVID-19 is absolutely not at all done. We know how the pandemic is affecting us and we do not have any other option but deal with it. But, you have to continue work from and house chores are also important in order to maintain hygiene.

Why should You wear Wet socks to Bed?
Why should You wear Wet socks to Bed?

So, you can not deal with coughing or a rainy nose right now. That is why we are asking you to blow off the sickness before it arrives. You can not meet your new best friend, a pair of wet socks.

Wet Socks For Fever:

There are so many myths we have heard in the wellness world and they are apparently bizarre but we follow them as gospel. It’s normal to get cold or even fever if you are going in the cold but the cure might not make to take pills or something. During monsoon or winter, we get cold so easily and the rainy nose becomes an inseparable part of our lives. But you gotta deal with that too. In the pandemic time, immunity is playing the major role and you have to accept it as the ultimate truth.

Wet socks are basically an old European trick of a hydrotherapy spa. You might think that wearing wet socks when you have already got cold might make the condition worse, but trust me it’s not the case. You are going to get amazing results if you try this trick when you have a fever.

Wet Sock Therapy:

Wet Sock Treatment is pretty much known and popular in Western countries and they do believe in the magic of wet socks. Wet socks can treat a hell lot of things that you have never thought before. Let’s check them out below.

  • It can cure cold or fever: When we are sick, we become childish and it’s pretty normal. Especially at that time, you want to surround yourself with warm and soft things so that you can get relief. If you cover up your feet with a pair of wet socks then it can give you the required warmth and it will cure a cold as well. You can literally see the changes the next morning.

  • It can provide you a great sleep: Sleep is the key to our sheer energy and you can not deny this fact. If you sleep well, you will be productive and in a good mood, of course. Wet socks will increase the blood circulation in your body and it will lead to a sound sleep. You can fall asleep within a blink.

  • A good digestive system: An increased digestive system not only helps you with a sound sleep but also a good digestive system. Since your blood will circulate and moving, your intestines will also have to take the initiative and it will start moving too. You will definitely wake up to a better digestive system.

  • It will relieve pain: Yes, it’s true that wearing wet socks to bed will increase the blood circulation and it can help in encouraging as well as facilitate a pain relief response. It ill eventually trigger the healing reaction so that you can get rid of the pain.

Hence, it’s not any myth that you might or might not believe in. We have heard a lot of doctors do believe in this as well as you know why they do so. This is more like a natural remedy that one might follow without any dilemma. It will only bring good results.

Wet Socks For The Hangover:

When you drink too much, how do you feel the next day? Well, I have noticed a stubborn hangover the next morning and to be honest, I can not deal with it. If you too have faced the same, then you can rely on wet socks because it will let you go to work the next day. Wet socks have some negative effects on alcohol consumption and it will provide you a good quality of sleep. And you can show up to work with bright eyes.

Hence, you know why do we rely on this more than anything else. And trust me, we have got freaking good results.

Why should You wear Wet socks to Bed?
Why should You wear Wet socks to Bed?

Wearing Wet Socks To Bed:

Of course, that’s a great idea but do you know how you utilize the wet socks? Let me make your doubts clear. As we have mentioned, you need to take one pair of cotton socks and another pair of wet socks. You need to soak the pair of cotton socks in cold water and wring them out. Now, you need to dip your feet in hot water while doing this, set the pair of cold socks aside.

You need to take really hot water so that your feet can get pink. Now, take your feet off from the hot tub and wear the wet socks. It might hurt a bit but you need to deal with that. Now, you should wear the woolen one over the soggy socks. And you are good to go!

Wet Socks Treatment Myth:

Is it a myth? Well, it might be a myth or not but you do need to consider it as a natural treatment. We have even asked a few doctors and they also said that it works. In fact, we have see how good it works. You literally do not have to look back and take any kind of medicine when you are following this. You should just keep calm and have a great sleep ahead!

Why should You wear Wet socks to Bed?


Wet Socks Treatment

There are plenty of things that can be treated with wet socks.

Wet Socks For Fever

Of course, you can easily get rid of the fever.

Wet Sock Therapy

We have discussed the therapies.

Wet Socks For The Hangover

It works like magic.

Wearing Wet Socks To Bed

The best thing and it will give you a sound sleep.

Wet Socks Treatment Myth

It’s not a myth.


If you want to wake up feeling better and execute all the plans you have, then you gotta try this once. You might not be 100% cured by the next morning since it is a home remedy, but you can, of course, repeat this for two or three nights. We do not want to take medicine for everything because sometimes, they have certain side effects that you can not deal with. So, what are you waiting for? You have got a cold, and you need to try this!

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